Share your boot camp story = Win a Prize -

Share your boot camp story = Win a Prize


Aug 25

Want a chance to get some prizes just for sharing your boot camp story?
We have helped a lot of people reach their short and long term goals. Whether you have lost weight, ran for the first time ever, been able to run around with your kids more, or gotten an A+ from your doctor (clean bill of health – weaning off medications, etc), we want to share that story with others.

If you have already helped us with a video testimony, you probably have a new story to share or it is probably time for an update. So you can STILL help us.

We want to give you something to encourage those of you that share your story.
Many of you think your story may not really be much. A recent testimony I heard was that one of our participants RAN for the first time in their 40 + years of living. Now that is a story and it should be told for people to hear! Not only will it be fulfilling to them by sharing it but it will help inspire other.  You need to know that your story may not always about weight and inches. Your story may be about energy. Self-confidence. Possibly more production at work.

With that said, we know there are many of you would inspire others begin a fitness program just by hearing your story.

Why are we asking YOU to help us with this??
1. It helps motivate YOU
. Yes, YOU. You have achieved lots of benefits from the changes you have made since joining our program. Telling your story will only help YOU in continuing on the journey.
2. This will help inspire others to change. Life is about helping others and in doing so, you feel rewarded. Your personal story will touch someone so much that it will inspire them to change. Weather they join our program or another, the main thing is that people are moved by hearing from people who have achieved results from a program.
3. THIS WILL HELP US. We all know how compelling seeing someone’s personal testimony is. If you watch any TV, fitness programs help get attention by showing testimonials. People are touched by REAL stories and YOUR real story about how our program has helped you, will HELP US. Get You In Shape works very hard to help YOU reach your goals. From staying after a sessions to making sure the workouts are always different, we want to give you a service that is both affordable AND Results Driven. Giving 2-3 minutes of your time to share your story will HELP us. I would hope you would want to help us since we do so much (and want to) to help YOU.

We are doing something this month to help MOTIVATE you to HELP US. We will be asking anyone this week who is ready to give a testimony during class. You can do it when you are exercising or you can some another class time and help up. You can also video tape yourself, have a family member or friend help. You can also team up with someone in the boot camp to make it easier if you would like.
If you have already helped us with a testimony, each month changes anyway, so you can give us another one and be counted in for the prizes.

This Month we will give 3 prizes to those that give a testimony. You will be in a prize pool for both Dallas and Coppell Testimonials. If only 5 testimonies are given, the 5 are put in a pull for each of 3 the prizes.

1. $25 Gift Certificate to RUN-ON
2. Free Boot Camp T-shirt
3. Free Boot Camp T-Shirt

The prizes will be similar to our attendance prizes, you will each be put in a pool and picked. If there are only 6 people this month that gives a testimony, 5 will win something.

Rules to qualify for the prizes:
1. Before picture – You will need to find one if you have never gotten one from Get You In Shape and email us it.  You might find a better before picture than we have for you, so it may be good to try and find one. If you have not LOST weight we will just use your after picture. Your story may not be able weight loss and there are many others out there that may not need to lose weight but need to get healthy.
2. After picture. We can do this or you can get someone to take an after picture and send it to us.
3. Video Testimony – Do not be scared of doing a video testimony as we try to make it informal and you are just sharing your story. We will ask all the questions and repeat it if you do mess up and start over. You will be GLAD you shared your story as have had many other participants that were a little scared or nervouse about sharing their stroy on a video but end up being happy they did as it helps motivate them and they are share it with their friends.

There are two ways to do the video testimony. You can set up a time up with Cynthia or Brad to get together at one of the other boot camp classes OR outside at the boot camp class. We have heard that many of you don’t want to do it because you are normally hot and sweaty. The second way to do it, would be to get someone to record you. We record from our digital camera so you can easily get someone to record it for you and give us the camera to download it.

What questions we will ask on the video testimony that need to be answered –If we video you, we will ask each question one by one. We will also stop if we need to and repeat it if you want to repeat it. If you video it yourself, just have someone ask one question at a time. We will take care of the deleting and editing. Here are the main questions

1. Name, where you are from, and what you do

2. Where where you before the Get You in Shape Boot Camp and why did you decide to join the Get You In Shape Boot Camp?. All you will do it repeat “Before the Get You In Shape Boot Camp, I wass… I decided to join the Get You In Shape Boot Camp because…

3. What your first impression was the first few days or week of the Get You In Shape Boot Camp? Repeat “My first impression of the Get You In Shape Boot Camp was ….

4. How is the Get You In Shape boot camp program unique – why you enjoy it – why is it different than other programs you have tried?

5. What results and benefits you have received from the Get You In Shape Boot Camp? This will be different for everyone and may have changed for some of you over the months. This can be inches, weight, health, meeting some great people, working out with others. If you have lost weight, it would be best to say I have lost ____ weight in ___ months. Or I have gone from a size 14 to a 10 in 2 months. That is what will inspire others.
Example. I lost 6 pounds my first month and after 5 months I have now lost 30 pounds. Many of you have received more HEALTH benefits. So adding your health benefits would be more appropriate to add. But many people look at boot camp as just for weight loss so if their goal is NOT weight loss, your health story may inspire them.

6 What you would say to anyone out there that may be looking at this program and deciding whether or not to come to the Get You In Shape Boot Camp?

Any other benefits to add can be added here.