Polar Heart Rate Monitors - Benefits of using a heart rate monitor -

Polar Heart Rate Monitors – Benefits of using a heart rate monitor


Jun 28

Health and Fitness Tip of the Month – Benefits of using a Heart Rate Monitor.


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The health and fitness tip of the month will help explain how using a heart rate monitor will help increase your workout and your results. You have all seen them on television, in the fitness section in stores, and mostly on people. What are they and how they can benefit our fitness level when it comes to weight loss and getting the most out of our exercise?

A heart rate monitor is a chest strap with a snap off transmitter and a wrist watch. The chest trap measures your heart rate and sends that information wirelessly to your wrist watch and the watch displays your heart rate on an easy to read digital screen. They are an accurate way to measure your heart and also one of the easiest way to show howHeartRateSale hard your body is working and what you have achieved during exercise.

No matter where you are on your road to lifetime fitness, by working out efficiently you will increase your benefits in a shorter period of time. A heart rate monitor will help you work out more efficiently. You can expect to have more energy, feel stronger, and have less stress while learning to use a program tailored to your exercise fitness goals and heart health needs. If you are more fit but looking for improvements, you can still expect to enjoy working out, burn fat more efficiently and train smarter, not harder. Even if you’re a serious athlete or marathon runner, you will continually increase your heart monitoring knowledge, and be able to create a precision fitness training program.

There are many benefits of using a heart rate monitor that can help anyone who is looking to get the most out of there workouts, lose weight, and improve their fitness. Heart rate monitors provide real time feedback when you are working out. You know exactly how high or low your heart rate is just by looking at your watch. So regardless of the activity you choose, the heart rate monitor is doing to help keep you efficient in and on track when you exercise.
Another helpful benefit that many heart rate monitors have is that is allow you to know how many calories your body is burning in a given workout. Many heart rate monitors will keep track and allow you to see how many calories you have burned so you know if you may need to get in more cardio after your resistance or if you have reached your caloric goal in a given workout. Heart rate monitors also help take the guess work out of your exercise and how hard your body is working. This helps keep you on track and motivated during your exercise because you know exactly how hard you are working and if you need to push your body a little hard, you are right on track, or you need to slow down a little bit.
Working with a heart rate monitor will help you with the guidance and provide you with specific target zones to work within to keep you on track. A heart rate monitor knows your fitness level and helps you to set up your personalized target heart rate zone. During a workout, heart rate is displayed as either being in or out of your training target zone. If you are going to easy or too hard, the watch will beep at you prompting you to speed up or slow down. This makes it very easy for you to stay in your zone. It is necessary to know what heart rate training zone you are working in to improve your workout efficiency — to get the most benefit in the least amount of time. A heart rate monitor helps you know what cardio zone (Zones 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5) you are working in.
In addition, a heart rate monitor can tell you your heart rate while your hands remain free of the treadmill. It’s convenient and easy to look at your heart rate monitor while you are in the middle of these routines using your arms and hands for upper body fitness. Many gyms have the treadmills and cardio equipment that you just put your hands on them but then you have to slow down or stop to get your heart rate. The treadmill or cardio heart monitors can not be counted on to be accurate.

At www.GetYouInShape.com, we are all about workout out smarter and using a heart rate monitor will definitely help you do that. It takes the guess work out and allows you to know how hard you are pushing your body. It allows you to know what zones you are in to get the maximum amount of work out of the workout.

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