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Hey Friends!

It’s  Coach Brad

After my starting coaching journey in 1999, I opened up Get You in Shape in 2006 and started in Coppell with what's been known as Coppell's #1 Transformation Program since.

We have faced tons of challenge during this time but our AMAZING community has survived and  thrived. We were the first to pivot everything to a ONLINE Coaching program helping our beloved clients to continue to help keep them motivated, encouraged and inspired.  

We would love for you your to succeed during this Challenge. 

This Quarantine 15 is a very real thing. This 6-Week Program is designed to be done from the comfort and safety of your own home using our proven resources that continue to transform 1,000's of lives along the way.  We also have the option of training with us safety outside from the same location we have worked out at since starting in 2007. 

You will receive accountability, daily tips, access to virtual community, training sessions that change lives,  healthy recipes and the exact same step by step program that has help change thousands of lives in 20+ years. 

We can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Looking for Support, Coaching & Accountability to help your mental and emotional well-being?

We Got YOU!

Introducing our 6 Weeks To A Better YOU Program!

Accountability: We know the majority of people NEED Accountability more than anything so we have a world class app that will help hold you accountable and as well as an Accountability Coach to support and encourage you daily.  ($50/Week Value)

Support: We got an amazing community that are "all in this together" which will help motivate, encourage and inspire you. Support is needed most at this time without any gyms or fitness centers open ($25/week Value) 

6 Fitness Sessions Per Week: ALL FITNESS LEVELS ($60/week Value)

Mental Coaching: Let's face it, we need our mental health more than anything these days. (Priceless)

Nutrition: You'll get our Get You In Shape Simple Nutrition System that's has 20+ years of proven results with over 650 YouTube success stories and thousands of before and after pictures. ($99 Value)

SAFE At-Home Coaching 
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Coach Cynthia Linder

"I've been through the journey myself and have recently lost 40 lbs in 10 months after having baby #5 and inspired to help others do the same."

Rhonda Shaw

"I gave myself a pedicure which I could hardly tie my own shoes before starting. I needed a plan and needed the accountability to help me get started. This was the perfect fit for me being over 50 as it was very structured with like-minded people that motivated and encouraged me each and everyday. I am a new person having lost over 80 pounds now! Thanks Get You In Shape!" 13.86% Body weight lost and 21 inches."

Kimberly Johnson

"After having my last baby I needed help getting a jump start back. This program was easy to follow as a busy mom and it gave me the results I wanted in just a few short weeks. I lost 10 pounds in the first 24 days and a total of 23 pounds in 10 Weeks. 13.86% Body weight lost and 21 inches."

Billy Faught

"It took me over 60 years....but I've lost weight, gotten healthy again and feel better than I have in years! "

At-Home and/or In-Person Fitness, Nutrition & Accountability Coaching Personal Training Program

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