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Nutritional Supplement Cleanse on Channel 11


Feb 11

If you’ve been looking for a way to drop some extra pounds and jumpstart a healthier lifestyle maybe you’ve thought about doing a cleanse.

“At that time I had diabetes and I was taking medication for it. And now I’m no longer 210 pounds, I’m 135 and I’m healthy, and I don’t have to take medication.” You’d hardly recognize her now, but 75 pounds ago, Tawnya Quintana got a jumpstart on weight loss and a healthier lifestyle, in a box.
“I started with the 10 day herbal cleanse, lost 20 pounds,” she says.

Quintana followed the Advocare 10 day cleanse and after the quick results, she was sold on the product.

That’s something Matt Warren with Advocare Nutrition Business Development says is a common reaction.

Warren says, “The most important thing I’ve picked up from it is how much your body will change in a short period of time.”

He says you can get started, or get back on track, and practice healthy habits to live by.

But with such rapid weight loss, some worry is it health?

We checked in with a local doctor to find out.

Dr. Daniel Lonquist says, “Everyone’s exposed to a lot of toxins, additives, preservatives, and foods.”
He says as long as the cleanse you choose doesn’t force you to starve or deprive yours, doesn’t have chemicals or too many artificial sweeteners, and encourages healthy eating, provides nutrients and hydration.

“I think it is very good for your body to do a cleanse every once in a while,” he says.

Warren says if you want to try a cleanse, do your own research and then pick one that will fit into your lifestyle.

“You can really shift the way you look and feel within a pretty short period of time,” he says.

As for Quintana, the cleanse was just the beginning of a major transformation.

“I mean you have to exercise and eat well to be healthy anyway, but to have a jumpstart to it is just that much easier,” she says.

She also says it’s not hard and it’s not easy.

“The first few days are an obstacle. I mean, of course you’re changing your eating habits, but from day three to 10, you feel good!”

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