Nutritional Product of the week - Nutrition - Cover your basics -

Nutritional Product of the week – Nutrition – Cover your basics


Oct 12

When you are working out, trying to eat healthier, and doing your best to stay healthy, it is important that you are adding good multivitamins and good fats to your diet to help ensure your body is getting all the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants it needs.  We suggest the Advocare Nutritional Products because they are both safe and effective
If you want to see who makes and formulates our products, here is a quick video on the world renowned Medical and Advisory Board.

When it some to core nutrition these are a few of the basic products we recomend.

CorePlex supplement is a high potency, comprehensive multivitamin and mineral supplement that provides a strong foundation of basic nutrition. Most of us don’t eat a well-balanced diet, and even if we do, the latest research published in the prestigious Journal of the American Medical Association suggests that additional intake of vitamins and minerals might be helpful for optimal health (JAMA 287:3116-26, 2002). CorePlex is superior to other leading brands of multivitamin/mineral products in a number of ways. First, CorePlex contains higher levels of water-soluble vitamins than multivitamins formulated with just 100 percent of the Daily Value. Second, CorePlex features chelated minerals for optimized absorption. Other vitamin-mineral products have simple (ionic) forms of minerals that are not absorbed as well as AdvoCare chelated minerals, which means that more of the minerals in CorePlex are used by your body.
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OmegaPlex supplement is the AdvoCare proprietary blend of potent omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3’s are a family of compounds, with two distinct omega 3’s (EPA and DHA) necessary for optimal health. Other omega-3 supplements may have only EPA or DHA, while OmegaPlex has both of these important omega-3’s at high levels and in the right proportions for maximum benefit.
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ProBiotic RESTORE supplement features effective amounts of two important, friendly microorganisms (probiotics). Probiotics support healthy digestion, intestinal function and regularity. They also provide support to the immune system.* In addition, ProBiotic RESTORE contains probiotic “superfood” (called fructooligosaccharides) for the greatest support of these friendly organisms. AdvoCare‘s ProBiotic RESTORE are also specially processed to retain their maximum potency without refrigeration. Other probiotic supplements may contain lower levels than those found in ProBiotic RESTORE and fail to include the “superfood” that enhances the probiotic benefits.
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