Nuggets and Wisdom from Advocare’s Leadership Conference -

Nuggets and Wisdom from Advocare’s Leadership Conference


Apr 26

As most of you know, we use Advocare nutritional products as the supplement solution for Get You In Shape.

We have the option of choosing between thousands of nutritional companies on the market but Advocare is the one we choose because they are both SAFE and Effective (they work).

This weekend Cynthia and I went to Advocare Leadership Conference. Cynthia could not go as she needed to be home with our new baby but I was able to go.

I just wanted to share a few nuggets and some wisdom I got from the weekend. It was a power packed weekend of Leadership Training from international speakers, professional athletes and success leaders in the world of Advocare.

I love being a part of Advocare because it stretches you to DO and BE more in every area of your life.

Below  are some big nuggets and wisdom I got from this weekend.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend.

“Most people think it takes a long time to change. It doesn’t. Change is immediate! Instantaneous! It may take a long time to decide to change…but change happens in a heartbeat!”
Andy Andrews

"All of the products I take help me feel like I'm getting the maximum amount out of my workouts and out of my practice work. They’re a big part of preparing and recovering each week." Drew Brees
Advocare's National Spokesperson

"Good is the enemy of Great." Jason Witten

Advocare Quarterback Club - Philip Rivers, Alex Smith, Nick Foles, Drew Brees and other NFL Quarterbacks.

Here are some of the big nuggets and wisdom I got from this weekend.

"If you have a vision for tomorrow. It requires action today." Lois Gregory"

Approach every single day like a professional." Nick Foles

"Whatever your circumstances are right now, they do not determine your value or your destiny." Ron Reynolds

of th"A leader has to be authentic and function in their own style, not try to be something you're not." Alex Smith

"No team ever drifts to greatness." Mark Miller

"The people on TV that say we don't need supplements, just eat the food pyramid, and so on... I don't know what planet they think they're on, but they're not here!" Our sci-med board giving the best product training!

"Our job as leaders is to provide great mentorship to our people!" Danny McDaniel

You're gonna get frustrated, you're gonna get stuck. You're gonna have mountains, and you're gonna have valleys. My advice to you? Do it anyway." TJ Houske

"Until I realized that I had to change the pattern in order to change the product, nothing was going to change." TJ Houske

"People deserve the best of you, not the rest of you. Before AdvoCare, my family was only getting rest of me." TJ  Houske

"Long term success in this business is found in what you're doing consistently every day."  Greg Smith

"If you can help other people unlock their purpose, yours is automatic." - Rachel Witt

"This bulls-eye is your purpose... And getting there requires you pulling back the bowstring and taking action by talking to people." Whitney Gladden

"Why should we have to be normal? You're not here on earth to work a job you hate and be away from your family. You're here to be with the people you love and pursue things you're passionate about!" Kaylin and Tanner Mee

"A leader has to be authentic and function in their own style, not try to be something you're not." Alex Smith of  Kansas City

"Dr. Dudrick's pioneering in intravenous feeding has led to saving an estimated 10 million infant lives"  Rick Loy

Here is a quick video about Advocare.

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