November Attendance Challenge Winners! -

November Attendance Challenge Winners!


Dec 01

Thanks to all who did an average of 4 workouts a week and turned in your Accountability Calendar!

WINNERS FROM PRIZE POOL –  The prizes will be handed out at the sessions starting Wednesday, Dec 2nd.  If you are not attending the in person sessions and were a winner, please contact Brad at to make arrangements to pick up your prize. 

J. Macs $25 Gift Card – Robin McCoy                        

Cryo Coppell FREE Session ($17) – Paula Monzo

Cryo Coppell FREE Session ($17) – Minal Dekhne

Run On  $15 – Marsha Tunnell

Ascension Coffee $10 Gift Card – Kathi Hine

Ascension Coffee $10 Gift Card – Jenny Nesbit 

Local Diner $10 Gift Card – Vanessa Tan

Local Diner $10 Gift Card – Jay Macfarland

Fit Hub 24oz Smoothie or Tea – Kim Fullwood

Fit Hub 24oz Smoothie or Tea – Erin McAnally

Smoothie Factory 20oz Smoothie – Linda Whitener

Smoothie Factory 20oz Smoothie – Indhu Vijay      

Reminder: Calendars are due on the last day of the calendar month and need to be posted here.

For all the details and rules for the Attendance Throw Down, please go to our BLOG POST >>>>> HERE.

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