May Information -

May Information


May 03

Click on the Red Documents below. Tips, cardio  and information for the week are below.  If you have any questions please let us know. These are all your tools. Also, make sure you check out the Health and Fitness Tips of the week on our blog. There are many videos, artciles and tips you can use to help make this process easier.

Get You In Shape Program – This is what you need to get started. The blue print of how to maximize your results these next 4 weeks.

Get You In Shape Workout Workbook – Can’t make it to the session? This is what you will nee dto print out and follow when you are on your own.

Get You In Shape Recipe Book Healthy Recipes

General Information for each Location
-This is information you need to know about your location, please look.
Coppell Location General Infomation
Camden Farmer Market Location General Information
McKinney Ave. Location – General Information

Accountability Calendars Click on your location to print out the accountability calendar.
May Accountability Calendar Coppell Location
May Accountability Calandar Camden Famers Market Location
McKinney Ave. Location Accountability Calendar May

Off Day Cardio for this week
Tuesday (or Wednesday for McKinney location)- Getting ready for the 5k ( ) this Saturday in Coppell.
1 minute Slow
2 minutes medium
1 minute  Slow
2 Minutes Hard
Total Time of Set = 6 minutes
Try to complete a total of minimum of 5 sets (or 30 minutes) to a maximum of 9 (or 54 min)

Thursday (or Friday for McKinney Ave.) 
30 Seconds Slow
30 Seconds Fast
30 sets or 30 minutes

if you want to add more cardio – add 15 slow minutes

This is 3.1 miles. If you are not in Coppell, do one on your own where ever you are. Don’t worry about time, worry about finishing.