June Healthy Recipe Book Month -

June Healthy Recipe Book Month


May 30

We continue to implement a few changes that you wanted after doing our survey’s a few months ago. We had great success with the May Journal Mania. We will continue to invite you to turn in your journals every Friday or ever 2 weeks (it’s up to you). We do ask that you put in in a folder with your name on it so it is easier for the trainers.
Another area people struggle with is cooking healthy meals. June we will be making a Get You In Shape Healthy Recipe Book. This will benefit everyone so everyone will be winners (there is no “contest”)
We will end up making a new healthy recipe book.
We want everyone to turn one in so that we have plenty of healthy recipes. If you are in Get You In Shape with a family member, please don’t let this stop you guys from doing your own health recipes. The more healthy recipes we get, the more health cooking you can do for years to come.

Here is what we are looking for. We have made an Example for you to see below.
1. One  healthy recipe that you use or like. We do want a mix of breakfast’s, snack’s, and lunch/dinner’s. We are also looking for vegetarian recipe’s.
2. Picture of you or you with your family. If you have lost weight and want to show off your new look, send us your before and after picture.
3. Month you started Boot Camp
4. Occupation
5. Best Benefit(s) since joining Get You In Shape
6. Healthy Recipe should have the Calories, Protein, Carbs, Fat, etc along with how many it is supposed to serve.
7. Use the example below to see what we are looking for.
Use Word and email it to use by June 20th so we can have it back to you soon after.
Below is an example. If you want to use 2 Word  pages because of your Picture, you can.

Click Here to See Explample

Click Here to See Explample