Information for the Week - June 7-12 -

Information for the Week – June 7-12


Jun 07

1. Off-Day Cardio –
(Wed. for Dallas location). Jump Rope -1 minute on 1 minute off – Do this for 30 Minutes (or 15 minutes of jump rope)
Thursday  1 Minute slow, 1 Minute Medium, 1 Minute Fast   30-45 Minutes

2. This week – We have 3 during the week and Saturday at Coppell 7am and 8am

3. Tank tops are in – If you pre-ordered Tank tops, bring $15 to Wed. If they don’t fit you have the option of not paying for it or getting another size. Once all the pre-orders are taken care of, we shoud have a few left and we will bring all our t-shirts and tanks on friday. So plan in bringing $15 if you want one.

4. Tip of the week – This one is for those of you who claim that they have no time to cook lunches or plan ahead. Click Here for a great tip from a client that has had awesome success.

Make sure you call or email us with any questions.