Boot Camp Information and Tips for the week -

Boot Camp Information and Tips for the week


Aug 09

Boot Camp Informaiton and tips of the week

First off, we had a great turnout for the first day of boot camp 4 backpacks. We want to get the community involved, so please spread the word to your neighbors, co-workers, and friends. You can see pictures from our first day Clicking Here . We know we can not do this alone and need your help to spread the word to be able to make this a successful event.  You can send people to

1. Tip of the WeekClick Here – We found a study that you may want to know about. It came out recently from Purdue and relates to weight loss, protein, and bone density. There are some tips we can use from it to make sure you are doing the right things.

2. Off-Day Cardio this week
Tuesday (Wed. for McKinney Ave) – 30 slow, 30 medium, 30 fast  for 30-40 minutes
Thursday (Friday for McKinney Ave) – 5 minutes of core exercises (see workout pdf for examples)
                 30-45 minutes somewhere between slow and medium pace
Saturday – Bootcamp 4 Backpack workout at Coppell Location 7am or 8am
                     Or resistance training with cardio

3. Half-way measurements
– We have our halfway measurements for those that want to see how they are doing at the end of the week.

Do you have any questions? How can we help you? Remember, we are working for you. So feel free to give us a call, email us, or ask us before and after a session. We love what we do and  have helped a lot of people get results. So just let us know how we can help you.

Thanks and have a great day!

Brad Linder
The Get You In Shape Team
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