Get You In Shape taking a week off -

Get You In Shape taking a week off


Jun 03

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The Get You In Shape program goes in 4 week cycles for 48 of the 52 week year. Each year, there are 12 – 4 weeks cycles which allows us to take 4 weeks throughout the year. The 4 weeks GYIS is off are Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break and one week during the summer (typically around 4th of July). We give our clients 2 options when we are off for the four weeks.

1. Programmed workouts to do on your own. During the weeks off, Get You In Shape  gives our clients a number of workout options to do on their own during the week off so you will still be able to workout when you are not with us for that week.

2. Offer a few sessions for $15/session during the week off. We used to take the full week off when we were “off”. A few of the clients that were in town asked if we would offer times to train while we were “off”.  Ever since then,  we have had sign up sheets for those that want to train and workout during that week.  .We do need 8 people to commit to each time in order to offer it. Each session is just $15 and you can come to one session for the week or all three days offered for that week. We do ask that you sign up beforehand so we can ensure we have enough to offer the time(s). We will then let everyone know which session times will be offered during the week off. At this point any current GYIS client can come to any session even if you did not sign up to attend while we were “off” that week.
We will have a link to our merchant account to pay for the sessions OR you can just bring the money that week to the sessions.

If you have any questions, please call or email us.

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