Get You In Shape 100 Mile Spring Challenge 2014 -

Get You In Shape 100 Mile Spring Challenge 2014


May 08

Get You In Shape 100 Mile Spring Challenge



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We are excited to announce that we have finished the 100 Mile Challenge. Get You In Shape personal trainer Julie McCan wanted to come up with a Spring Challenge to help motivate anyone looking to “Step it UP” and get in more cardio during 8 weeks. We thought we would get 10-15 clients to sign up and commit but we ended up getting over 60 people committing to it and 54 FINISHED!!
Everyone who finished got a 100 Mile Finisher shirt and a medal. It was a great experience and we are very surprised at how many clients LOVED it.

What was it?
For Get You In Shape clients who had been putting off your cardio due to bad winter weather.
For Get You In Shape clients  looking for a little extra motivation
For Get You In Shape clients that just come to the fitness sessions and only think about off day cardio but haven’t ever been inspired to actually get out there and do something.
For Get You In Shape clients that want to achieve something they never would be able to do on their own.

I was

Here are all the details of the program
Regardless of your reason, join us in this challenge to help you achieve your fitness goals.
100 Miles in 8 Weeks!!
I know it sounds like a lot (and it is!) but it is very doable whether you are a walker or a runner.

Here are the details:
Start Date:  Monday, March 10, 2014
How to communicate – We will be mainly using the GYIS VIP facebook private group page (a private page for GYIS clients only) to communicate about this so please make sure you are checking it or in the group.
Tracking:  This is all about YOU. So pick something that is easy for you to track your miles each week.  We recommend you use some type of APP that is available to make it easier to keep track. Some people have also just hand written their miles on the JPEG below. If you are doing your cardio inside on a treadmill, just take a picture of the miles (or you can also just write it down).
We do ask that you just post your total miles for the week on the GYIS VIP facebook private group every Satruday or Sunday. You can also post your pictures but so that the tracking can be easy for Julie, post how may miles you got in that particular week.
Tips:  There are a number of things you can do to help you complete this challenge but two really easy ones are 1) Get a friend to join you on the challenge and 2) Join Cardio Club to easily knock out those miles! Also, follow the suggested Interval Training workouts below or just Incorporate your own Interval Training into your workouts as you track your miles in.
End of Contest:  Tips: Treat this just like the off-day Cardio. You want to incorporate Interval Training into this to get the most out of your cardio (burn the most calories). Mainly, you just don’t want to go at the same speed for 3 miles. You will need a stop watch or use your phone to help you get the benefits of interval training.Here are some suggestions that you can do for the days you run 3 miles (or whatever distance you choose). Since you have 3 sessions each week that you do at least 3 miles, I am giving you 6 different days of different interval training workouts for you to do. After the sixth workout, you just start back over. Again if you want to do Cardio Club, let us know. We already incorporate this into our off-day workouts and the clients in this program do above and beyond what they would ever do on their own.Again, the key is to get the most out of your workouts. If it’s been proven that Interval Training will help your body burn more calories, why not incorporate it into this?
Everyone is at different fitness levels (walkers, joggers, runners) but try to remember this when doing your cardio workouts and following the Interval TrainingSlow pace – You are able to carry on a conversation very easy
Medium Pace – You get in a sentence or two before needed to breathe
Fast pace  – It’s tough to even talk.

Day #1 – 1 minute each. SLOW pace, MEDIUM pace, then FAST pace. Each set would last 3 minutes. You just repeat that for however long it takes you to complete the distance.

Day #2 – 800′s or 1/2 mile runs/jogs. Go at your medium to hard pace for a 1/2 mile. Walk for 2-3 mintues in between and repeat until you complete your desired distance.

Day #3 – Slow to  Medium pace the entire time. Try staying at the same pace for the entire distance

Day #4 – 3 Minutes Medium/Hast pace 2 minutes SLOW

Day #5 – Go to a TRACK or somewhere where you can go about .25 miles or 400 meters. Slow .25 miles then FAST .25 miles. Repeat until desired distance.

Day #6  Hills

Here are the Get You In Shape Clients that completed the 100 Mile Challenge

Alicia Gardner
Belinda Fernandes
Blayne Wunschel
Bob Calabro
Brad Linder
Carla Caisse
Chaney Respondek
Christi Rodman
Christina Harmon
Christy Lozo
Chuck McCan
Daniela Centeno
Darla Jo Manning
Deb Tate
Denise Munro
Ellie Halpin
Erin Mueller
Gary Green
Ivette Rosinski
Jamie Levine
Jane Smith
Jeanette Bovenzi
Jennifer Farris
Jocelyn P
Julie Lamphier
Julie McCan
Karen McMahon
Kathy Chasteen
Kathy Eells
Kathy Pendergast
Kristen Hyden
Landon Farris
Latha Kalainesan
Leigh Walker
Lisa Dunham
Liz Hess
Lotta Meyer
Lynn Green
Mary Brown
Meg Hinkley
Melissa Evans
Meredith Adams
Michelle Lamb
Michelle Schultz
Michelle Voelker
Pam Michel
Ranjini Agarwalla
Scott Gardner
Susan Wilson
Tami Spears
Tanis Knelsen
Tara Sappington
Tracy Turango

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