Flash Sale: Week #1 – Cardio Club -

Flash Sale: Week #1 – Cardio Club


Sep 10

As a fun way to celebrate our 12 Year Anniversary, each week we will do a Flash Sale. It's just another FUN way to say THANK YOU for choosing GYIS to be your fitness family.

Check out the information below for our 1st Flash Sale. 

Cardio Club

Joining cardio club for the month of October will help you to fill in multiple BINGO squares!


One Month Of Full Time Cardio Club

Attend all 8 sessions

Reg. $60 Flash Sale $40

Click Here to Pay


One Month Of Part Time Cardio Club

Attend up to 4 sessions

Reg. $40 Flash Sale $20

Click Here to Pay


Cardio Club is our off-day cardio program that meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30am for 60 minutes @ Andy Brown East Park.

It’s OUTSIDE: It’s outside in the good weather, rain, sleet or snow

It’s For ALL Fitness Levels: It is designed for all fitness levels (walkers to speed racers)

Sessions are constantly varied: We always change the workouts and use Interval-Based workouts, constantly change the pace, the distance, where we run (up, down, grass, track, road, etc.), rest time and more to help give our clients the most scientific way to maximize each off-day workout.

Increase Mobility: Each Coppell Cardio Session will have a warm up and a cool down working to improve mobility/flexibility to help with fitness and recovery.

Meet at the park: Sessions start at park (we meet at the same area as we meet for the fitness sessions) but use the park and streets of Coppell.

Separate from the Get You In Shape program: The Cardio Club is a separate service from the Get You In Shape fitness program.

Sign up today - Full Time $40 Click Here to Pay

Part Time $20 Click Here to Pay

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