Fitness Boot Camp Coppell – Workouts for Feb wk2


Feb 04

Make sure you take 6-10 minutes to do dynamic stretching (like what we do at the beginning of each boot camp) before starting your cardio. Make sure you take 6-10 minutes to do static stretching at the end of each workout.
We will be adding the Advocare Workout DVD as an additional off-day cardio suggestion to do starting next week.

Monday  Boot Camp #4

30-45 Minutes in SLOW Pace. This is a day just to get the blood flowing and burn some calories. Try to get at least 3 miles in.

Wednesday Boot Camp #5

Core 1 minute of each – Pillar Bridge, Superman, Reverse Crunches, Bicycle, Kneeling opposites

Sprint (or just your fast pace whatever that may be )
Pick a spot where you can go hard for 20 seconds. Walk back each time which would be your rest and begin again.
Try hitting the same spot (or running the same length) each time.
Do 20-30 minutes of this and rest as needed in between

Friday Boot Camp #5
Saturday – Boot Camp #6 (7am or 8am)

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