Fitness Boot Camp Cardio Workouts For Dallas and Coppell Locations -

Fitness Boot Camp Cardio Workouts For Dallas and Coppell Locations


Jan 04

We want to start adding different things for you to do on the Off-Days to help Challenge you to actually get out of the house and do them. Remember, we are going to be working hard to give you the BEST HIGH INTENSITY BOOT CAMP WORKOUT 3 days out of the week (and 4 on some days). It is your job to focus on getting something in the off-days to help your results. We also want to encourage you to do your off day cardio. SO hopefully this will help keep you accountable. Let us know how we can help you.

What to do this week: When you are finished make sure you stay accountable to what you did and blog about it below in the comment section.

Since most of you are starting off from scratch again here is the cardio for Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
Tuesday (Wednesday for Mckinney location) : 1 minute slow, 1 minute medium, 1 minute fast – Repeat until time is over. Do a minimum of 10 sets or 30 minutes and stretch after
Thursday (Friday for McKinney location):  2 min. SLOW, 1 MIN fast. Do a minimum of 10 sets of 30 Seconds
Saturday: Try and stay a meduium pace for 30 minutes straight
Slow – easily carry on a conversation
Medium – can only say one or two sentences without having to catch your breath
Hard – Can not talk

For some of you FAST may be walking as hard as you can.

Remember to change up WHAT you do. Examples: walking/joggin, riding bike, playing a sport, cardio equipment, etc.

Make each day a healthy one in 2010!

Brad Linder
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