Coppell, TX - Health Tip of the Day from Dr. Ken Goldberg. -

Coppell, TX – Health Tip of the Day from Dr. Ken Goldberg.


Apr 22

How to Start a program from an International Speaker.

Today’s healthy tip comes from  Dr. Ken Goldberg, M.D., . If anyone has watched the Get You In Shape Fitness DVD would would have seen a nutrition and exercise tip section. I was able to interview 12 different professionals in the health and fitness arena and ask them questions about getting and staying in shape. Dr. Ken Goldberg was able to give the simple ways to START the process of getting in shape and staying in shape. One of them is below. He is a member of the Scientific and Medical Advisory board. Dr. Goldberg is a board-certified urologist in private practice in Dallas, Texas, and is the founder of the Male Health Center and director of the Impotence Foundation. He is also the author of “How Men Can Live As Long As Women” , the nationally syndicated “His Health” column and he contributes to numerous medical and popular publications. Our thanks go out to Dr. Goldberg for producing this informative article. For more information on Dr. Goldberg, and his men’s health topics, please visit The Male Health Center.

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