Coppell, TX Fitness Boot Camp/ Personal Trainer helps motivate, encourage, and inspire this Coppell resident. -

Coppell, TX Fitness Boot Camp/ Personal Trainer helps motivate, encourage, and inspire this Coppell resident.


Apr 28

Coppell, TX – Elizabeth Cawthon of Coppell, TX shares her results with the Get You In Shape  Fitness and Weight Loss Boot Camp. Elizabeth has been in the program since January of 2008. She continutes to use the FItness Boot Camp to help her stay healthy, stay motivated, and stay in shape.

“Signing up for Get You In Shape Fitness Boot Camp was a gift I gave to myself when I turned 50.   

My goals were health-oriented. I was already in O.K. aerobic shape from years of running, cycling, and walking.   I had heard, though, that women “of a certain age” need to work with weights and focus on toning, resistance, and flexibility.  

Each of the Get You In Shape Fitness Boot Camp sessions includes a mixture of hand weights, balancing, resistance with bands, stretching, core work, plus some cardio.  The exercises have strengthened key areas of my body (back, ankles, knees, hips, shoulders). Now I am much less likely to hurt myself (say with a knee sprain) in everyday activities. 

I have been attending for since January of 2008 and the workout has not once been the same. Although I have been sore sometimes (whew, those ankle bands!) the soreness always has gone away quickly.  More importantly, I have never been hurt doing the workouts.  In fact some of my old chronic problems–such as a bad heel–actually have gotten better!  

There are things that the Get You In Shape Fitness Boot Camp does NOT have, that I am glad are missing: no yelling from the instructor, no loud music (we can hear his instructions better that way), no super-competitive atmosphere. I cannot say enough about Brad”s talent as a class leader:  he is good-humored, knowledgeable, and motivating, and he can work with people of all different fitness levels.  

It has been a pleasant surprise to find that I have lost some inches (13) and pounds (5). Who know I had an inch to lose in my neck? And know knew that this school teacher could have biceps? Thanks to the Get You In Shape Fitness Boot Camp, I am stronger and more physically confident at 50 that I was at age 20. This really has been a gift that keeps on giving!
Elizabeth Cawthon, Coppell, TX

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