Coppell Trainer Tip of the Week - Mobility -

Coppell Trainer Tip of the Week – Mobility


Jan 30

Coppell Trainer Tip of the week – Mobility

A few of the Get You In Shape Trainer’s went to a Mobility and Movement Certification this weekend. Julie Smith, Chaney Respondek, Suzanne Barker, and myself (Brad Linder) were all there to learn more about how we can move better. There are a few pictures below of us at the certification. It was an awesome day with a lot of great information that will not only help up move but that we can also help all of you move better.
The guy leading the Certification is word-renowned for mobility and movement. He has an awesome educational website called in which instead of an exercise WOD, it is a mobility WOD.
Although some of the stuff that he covers deals with power lifting and strength training, a lot of it is just overall fitness and improving in the way we move. This just means that we all can benefit from it.

Here is the video on a great mobility exercise that will help you.

We know if we can move better we can be more efficient in our workout and each exercise. This is not only good for injury prevention but also for getting the most out of the exercise.
We are going to be putting more of his videos up so that you can be working on some of these mobility exercises on the off-days and in your free time.