Coppell Personal Trainer Tip - How to Make Choics

Coppell Trainer Tip -How To Make Choices


Aug 28

My life has been a bit of a roller coaster the last few days.
Ok…the last few weeks
Ok…the last few months

Here is a quick timeline…
May 16th – Took the kids to live in New Jersey the entire summer while our house got remodeled.
August 10th – Drove back into Texas from going to pick them up just before school started.

My normal day to day has not been “normal” for the last few months. 

Was it hard? Yes

I am sure you can relate to any changes that happen in your life as it relates to your routine, family, job, etc. 

It’s tough. It’s tough to stay focused on your goals. It’s tough to make healthy choices.  

For me….I still had to run a business. 
I still had to exercise. 
I still had to eat right. 
I still had to drink water. 
I still had a lot of responsibilities that needed to be done.

It could have been easy for me to choose the easy road and eat fast food because I didn’t have a kitchen for the majority of the 3 months.

It could have been easy for me to slack off. 

So how did I keep my mind focused and keep making Healthy Choices?

Let me first explain what we do with every knew client so that you may be able to understand a little better. Every new client that comes in for an Orientation for our Reboot program wants to look, feel and perform better.  I know that but I have them go through an exercise that helps them focus on WHY they want to look, feel and perform better. 

We all want to lose weight. 
We all want to lose body fat. 
We all want to look great in the mirror. 
We all want to have enough energy.
We all want to be productive.

At some point THE LIGHT BULB in your brain clicks on because now you have some reasons WHY that are bigger than the couch, Diet Coke, hamburger, phone you look at 24/7, ice cream, etc.

Maybe it’s the a life-changing news the doctors says about your health and that you’ve got to make a change asap or else you could die.  So you finally decide to get started. 

Maybe it’s the clothes in your closet that continue to be tighter and tighter. Or the clothes don’t fit anymore and you have had enough of going out and buying bigger clothes and are finally ready for a change. 

Maybe it’s your kids saying “mommy (or daddy) will you please play with me” for the two hundredth time and it finally hits you that you are too lazy to get up and play with them. You make a choice to focus on YOU so you don’t miss out on their childhood because you are not healthy. 

I use myself as an example because I am 43 (about to be 44), have a full-time job running a serviced based business (I am expected to produce results and help people look, feel and perform better) and have 5 kids. I’ve got a lot on my plate.

Looking at all of that it would seem tough to live a healthy lifestyle and be in great shape.

But I want ENERGY.. 
SO THAT I can play with my kids when I get home from working (actually move and run around with them. So when faced with Mexican food or a healthy salad as an option for lunch. I am going to CHOOSE the healthy salad SO THAT I feel like playing with my kids when I get home. 

I want to be Fit..
SO THAT I can be the best version of myself to carry out all the responsibilities that I have as a christian, husband, father and entrepreneur. 

I want to be Healthy..
SO THAT I can be there for my young kids as they get older and also for my future grandkids. 

To workout
To eat healthy
To eat smaller meals/snacks each day
To drink enough water
To stretch when I don’t feel like it
To put my phone down at night so I get enough sleep
To do all the little things I know I should do
are SO THAT ….. (see above)

My CHOICES have led to my HABITS
My habits have led to my LIFE-STYLE

So any changes that come my way, my LIFE-STYALE does not change because my choices I make each and every day are dictated by my SO THAT’s  

Does that make sense?

If you are looking to change your LIFE so you can finally look, feel and perform better… focus on your WHY and that will be the driving force behind every CHOICE you make.

That makes the process of starting to workout out easier. 

I am working out SO THAT I can feel like playing with my kids. 
I am eating smaller meals and snacks throughout the day SO THAT I can have energy to complete all the tasks I need to perform to be my best. 

I hope that helps you today. 

Focus on WHY you are wanting to make the changes. Then the choices become easier to make. 

For me.. I like to tell it like it is. If you want to be fit and healthy for your kids. Then your choices each and everyday should dictate that. If YOU choose to continue to eat unhealthy…. you are choosing not to be healthy and fit for your kids. It may sound bad but it’s true. That should be the drive and motivation behind choosing to stop your unhealthy habits.

You make the right choices consistently over time…. you are sure to look, feel and perform better. 

Just know you don’t have to be 100% as I can attest to that 🙂 

If you want and need help, I am putting the final touches to our 12th Year Anniversary REBOOT Program. We are adding extra motivation and accountability to our 28-Day ReBoot to celebrate our 12th Year in Coppell. 

Change your CHOICES so that you can change your LIFE-style. 

Go Make if Happen!

Coach Brad

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