Coppell Trainer Tip - 50 Moves to Shred, Sculpt, & Strengthen Your Core! -

Coppell Trainer Tip – 50 Moves to Shred, Sculpt, & Strengthen Your Core!


May 30

Coppell Trainer Tip – 50 Moves to Shred, Sculpt, & Strengthen Your Core!

Coppell Youth Performance Training 241

Starting June 10th – Aug. 2nd

Being in the health and fitness industry I have been able to meet some of the top trainers and fitness people around. I got a chance a few months ago to go to South Carolina and learn how one fitness company has over 400 clients and they have helped over 2,000 clients since starting over 8 years ago. It was great to but heads with one of the top fitness companies in the county.

To make a long story short, they made an incredible workout video that I wanted to share with you today.One big problem is that there is so much confusion on the difference between “ab” exercises and “core” exercises, which is best and why so many exercises hurt your back.

Well today, you are in luck!

The video takes out all the guess work!  Why wonder what’s right and wrong when you can just listen to the experts?

They’ve put together the MOST comprehensive list of exercises to help you achieve that steel midsection!

These are the same exercises that our Coaches use with our clients to activate every inch of ab!

This is a list of over fifty…yes, you read that right…OVER 50 EXERCISES to get the most out of you training.

We highly recommend using a variety of these moves in your warm-ups to cover everything you need in the journey of a strong core!

You’ll notice they integrate the shoulders, hips, and all the goodness in between!

Always ensure proper form and maintenance of a neutral lumbar spine with these particular movements. (If any of these moves aggravate your low-back, you are most likely performing them incorrectly or performing a movement that you aren’t ready for!)

These stability exercises emphasize anti-rotation, anti-hyperextension, anti-flexion & anti-lateral flexion to ensure that you develop a steel core! Please master the basic plank and side plank exercises before progressing to advanced plank variations.

And don’t forget all of the push-up variations, and equipment variations utilizing stability balls, dumbbells, bands, trx, barbells, kettlebells, ab wheels, & so much more! We are just scratching the surface here!

 Be creative, be progression, and have fun!

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