Coppell Trainer 10 Lessons Learned in 10 Years Part 4 -

Coppell Trainer 10 Lessons Learned in 10 Years Part 4


Sep 16

October of 2017 will mark Get You In Shape’s 10th Year Anniversary of starting the Get You In Shape fitness program in Coppell.

Although Get You In Shape was “born” in 2006 
 (see previous blog post here), we are celebrating 10 Years of the Coppell Fitness program.

I have added a few lessons I’ve learned along the way that hopefully will give you more insight to the journey it’s been but also help give you some wisdom.

“What are lessons learned from 10 years of being in business?”

Over the next ​few weeks, I will share 10 lessons learned in 10 Days. 
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Today I will go over my lesson #4. Scroll down to the bottom of this blog for the links to the previous lessons. 

Lesson #4 
Surround Yourself With Great People –

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,” says American entrepreneur and motivational speaker Jim Rohn.

Like attracts like. When I surround myself around good people, I feel good. I am less stressed and find more joy in daily things.

With this in mind, I knew as I started Get You In Shape that I needed to focus on surrounding myself around positive like-minded people. This meant that I wanted to attract clients that were like-minded. I also meant I needed to attract like-minded trainers and staff as we grew.  

I am very humbled by the success of Get You In Shape. Looking back, I truly would never have imagined us going from 5 clients the first month to over 60 by month 6 and over 100 by 18 months.

One of the reasons for the growth and continued growth throughout the years was being surrounded by great people.

When it comes to business, I have learned that I need to surround myself with great people to have a sustaining business.

My wife, Cynthia, was my first Personal Trainer or coach I brought on in Coppell. When we started dating in 2004, she went from a size 10-12 to a 2-4 in six months as I introduced the Get You In Shape program to her. She was a teacher a Coppell Middle School East so teaching folks about movement and exercise came natural to her since she had heard me for 2-3 years training and had experience helping people in her teaching profession.

Nine months in, I also brought my first trainer (beside my wife Cynthia) on board, Julie McCan. It was a perfect match as she had just retired from a successful business career and started our fitness program. After a month in, I sent out an email stating I was looking to hire a Personal Trainer in Coppell. It turned out to be exactly what she was looking for.  Now, 9 years after starting as a client/trainer, Julie is still with our team of personal trainers. 

Chaney Respondek started out fitness program in March of 2008. She was working for Coppell ISD and knew my wife, Cynthia, as she was a Special Education Teach in Coppell ISD. Chaney had just has a health scare and it was the perfect time to get started. Long story short, Chaney, drank the Get You In Shape "Kool Aid" and changed her lifestyle. After a ​few months as a client, I encouraged her to help our new clients as she was a perfect fit for helping new clients get started slowly. She ended up getting her certification soon after and has been with us as a client/trainer for 9 years.

​I would love to talk about each and every personal trainer and staff member Get You In Shape has had throughout the years but the point of this Lesson is that I sought out to bring on like-minded people on board the Get You In Shape team that had similar values as me and understood that we were trying to do with our fitness program which was CHANGE LIVES!

​For Get You In Shape, it has been the best route to bring up clients of ours that are looking to "Pay It Forward." Besides a few of our trainers throughout the years, we seem to have the best success with bringing on clients of Get You In Shape and helping them become coaching and personal trainers on our team. I already knew that they were like-minded because they embodied our core values as a company and were a big part of our small knit fitness community. 

I also focused a lot of my attention to attracting clients who were like-minded so that they would "FIT IN" with our environment. I knew how hard it was to stick and stay in a fitness program. If I could help foster an environment of like-minded people, it would help them stay consistent which typically meant they would stay with our program longer. Just like most things people will stick and stay if they have a support group helping to keep them accountable along the way. 

We have had an amazing team of personal trainers and some great staff through the years. As with anything in life, people come and go. Some stay for a long time (years!) and some stay for a short time.

Make it a point to bring on incredible trainers and staff along with amazing like-minded people to sound myself with is certainly a lesson to share.  

Another  thing I did early on was hire a business coaching company that only helps fitness businesses. Investing in people who have a proven track record and know more about how to run a successful business than I do has been a huge reason why Get You In Shape has been successful. 

​Through the years, have went to countless fitness and business conferences trying to surround myself with people who desire to be, do and become more. 

​Through the years, I have made it a point to become friends and surround myself with other fitness business owners from around the country to gain wisdom and network with them. Many of which are some of my closest friends because we have ​similar desires and gaols in life. They help me be a better person. They push me to strive to be the BEST VERSION of me. 

​As it relates to someone who is looking to look, feel and perform better, surrounding yourself with great people is KEY to long term lifestyle change. Having a coach or a support group will help keep you accountable. 
Having a coach or a support group will help keep you motivated.
Having a coach or a support group will help ​keep you encouraged. 
Having a coach or a support group will help keep you inspired. 

​For Get You In Shape, everything we do is design to surround our clients with GREAT PEOPLE. If you are always around like-minded people who all have similar goals to look, feel and perform better, it's going to make that process of CHANGE much easier. I call it a journey because most people think of starting a fitness program as more of a hassle and dread the thought of getting started. 

​It makes it much easier when you are surrounded by great people. I know for my personal fitness journey,

I always do better when I have a group I am working out with. I push myself harder.

​Emotionally, I get a lot more out of my workout when working out with others. ​I feed off the energy of others and I hope others feel off my energy. 

​Get You In Shape could never be where it is today if were not for the PEOPLE!

I surrounded myself with. The trainers, the staff, the clients, consultants and other like-minded people to help it grow throughout the year. 

​I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and do something to surround yourself with like-minded people.

Not only will it help you emotionally but having great people around you will help you get quicker results.  It's always great to hear so many clients say ​ "Get You In Shape is my counseling." 

Wisdom comes from God but it also comes from people that you surround yourself with. 
Lesson #4 Surround Yourself With Great People 


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