Coppell Trainer – 10 Lessons Learned in 10 years Part 1 -

Coppell Trainer – 10 Lessons Learned in 10 years Part 1


Sep 13

October of 2017 will mark Get You In Shape’s 10th Year Anniversary of starting the Get You In Shape fitness program in Coppell.

Although Get You In Shape was “born” in 2006 (see story below of how it was started in previous blog post), we are celebrating 10 Years of the Coppell Fitness program.

I have added a few lessons I’ve learned along the way that hopefully will give you more insight to the journey it’s been but also help give you some wisdom.

“What are lessons learned from 10 years of being in business?”

Over the next ​few weeks, I will share 10 lessons learned in 10 Days. 
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Lesson #1 
God Is In Control and “It’s Not About Me”!
 I read a book a long time ago called “Let Go and Let GOD.” Get You In Shape would not be possible without God being in Control. I learned quickly to let God be in control (once I finally gave in and pursued health and fitness as a true profession) of everything when I started. I know I started Get You In Shape, but I will continue these lessons learned using WE since it’s not about me. 

The name (see previous blog post about the name), the core values, the trainers and the awesome clients have all been because of God.

We knew that God was in control and continues to be the CEO of Get You In Shape.

We know all the clients that have come our way were led from God which is why we have done our best to live out the Get You In Shape core values.

I could certainly not have scripted the growth (5 clients to 60 clients in 6 months and 100 clients in 12 months). With God being in control from day one and giving all the credit to HIM, Get You In Shape has been able to change a lot of lives.

“It’s not about me” is a motto I personally strive to live by every day. It’s very strange for me to say the word “I” when it comes to Get You In Shape. If you know any of my story I did not intend to be a “Personal Trainer” or be known as the “Fitness Guy.” Although I played basketball through the professional ranks and received a master’s degree in Health and Kinesiology, it was more of a hobby than a profession of helping people look, feel and perform better. Long story short, after a number of years of doing what I loved as a hobby part time, I knew I finally had to give in and use my God-given gifts to help people in the area of health and fitness.

Although Get You In Shape was started in 2006, I did not officially start pursuing my passion and start the Get You In Shape Group Personal Training Program (fitness boot camp) until 2007. I do think that EVERYTHING that lead me to this step was helping me prepare for building a solid business. A business that relied on core principles that have come from God being in control. 

As I took the focus off of me and what I wanted out of life, it become more and more clear that I need to Let Go and Let God take over. As it related to Get You In Shape, it was a correlation in understanding what GIFTS God had given me. The little things that I thought were weird about me actually was what helped me provide a service-driven business. 

I focused more on each client and building a community of like-minded people that were all in this thing called “life” together. 

From that point on, I focused on the community and the word “WE”. Although we started out with just 5 people in our first ever group session, we grew fast because it was not about me but about the people I was helping.

Over the last 10 Years there have been some incredible highs and some big set backs as a business owner that I had to LET GO AND LET GOD take control over. 

I have continued to Let Go and Let God. It's a daily battle to humble myself and allow HIM to take over.

Looking back on the journey, I am blown away on the impact ​ONE CHOICE (the choice to Let Go and Let God) has lead to. 
The transformations that it has led to.
The friendships it has led to.
The charity it has led to.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Jeremiah 29:11 says

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