Coppell Tip of the Week - Personal Trainer pushup tip -

Coppell Tip of the Week – Personal Trainer pushup tip


May 16

Coppell Personal Trainer Tip of the week
Push Up Tip!
Read the directions below and then watch the video.

Coppell Personal Trainer Tip of the week
Push Up Tip!

What follows is a great workout you can do on your off days.  It is a creative, fun and challenging way to improve your overall upper body strength and endurance.  I call it the Deck of Cards Workout!!!! Grab your deck of cards, and let’s begin!

This is the basic make-up and direction of the workout, though it is really quite simple.

Each card in the deck according to suite (Club, Diamond, Spade, Heart,) and Face (King, Queen, Jack) all represent the style of push-up. The number on the card represents how many reps to do.

NOTE* All face cards (King, Queen, Jack) have a rep count of ten! And all Aces double the next card!

Corresponding hand/push-up positions:

HEART: Is a regular push-up with your hands directly underneath your shoulders.

DIAMOND: With this push-up you will bring your hand as close as you can together (with some this position will vary) Try to make a diamond with hands.

CLUB: This card will require you to do a wide push up. (Position your hands 1-2 inches outside of your shoulder line). This particular push-up will target more of the chest muscle and less of the arms. You will find it will stretch your chest much more than a regular push-up.

SPADE: This is the same push-up as a HEART but much slower. With this style push-up will go 3 seconds down and push up for a 2 second count. This particular style push-up will greatly increase your muscle endurance.

1. Thoroughly shuffle your deck of cards, discarding all the Jokers.  There will be no joking around in this workout!

2. Set the deck of cards in front your person so if you forget how many reps you are supposed to do you can easily check.

3. Normally, you will do three cards and rest for thirty seconds to a minute between sets. Depending upon the style and count of the card you may be able to do more than three cards per set.

*Note: You will more than likely not be able to get all the way through the deck (over 360 reps!) but that is not the point. Try and get as far as you can though.  Maybe give yourself a goal of 10, 20 or 30 cards to begin.

Here is an example of a set: I flip a card and it is a 10 of Diamonds… That is 10 diamond push-ups!

Next I draw a face card… a king of SPADES! Knowing that all face cards are 10 reps, I would perform 10 wide position push-ups. If there were a ACE before this card I would have to do 20 reps instead of 10.

Finally for my third set of this round I draw an Ace!!!! I am going to draw the next card and it Is a 5 of Hearts. Remembering that all Aces double the next card, I am going to perform 10 regular push-ups!

Ready to get pumped up??? Then let’s get started!!!

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