Coppell Personal Trainer Tips to Stay Lean During Holidays -

Coppell Personal Trainer Tips to Stay Lean During Holidays


Nov 17

With just a few more days before our kids get off for Thanksgiving break, I’m already thinking about my plan to stay lean through the holiday season.

And I am sure I am not the only one thinking about their health during the holiday season so I thought I would share with you my plan.

First off, I realize that I am in the minority when I say stay lean. The majority of people we help are looking to GET LEAN.

Either way, if you are like me, you should have some sort of desire to look, feel and perform better all the time.

For me, it’s not as much as how I look but how I feel and how productive I am.
I would be lying, though, if I did not want to look better when I see myself in the mirror.

Because I have a lot of responsibilities some of which include helping with a big family (4 kids and one due in December) and running a fitness business that helps over 200 people a month, most of my choices are SO THAT I can have more energy and get more out of each and everyday.

I like to say look, feel and perform better because it helps with my mindset to do just follow “THE PLAN” that will help me to that.

That takes me back to my plan to stay lean through the holidays. I understand that if I stay lean through the holidays that it will be a given that I will feel good and also perform the tasks I need to perform BETTER than if decided to give my lean lifestyle a break for 5 weeks (Thanksgiving to Christmas)

For our family, though, we are having our 5th baby close to Christmas. this gives me a short term plan to focus on understanding that I may not know what my life will look like after baby #5 comes.
Which is why I am coming up with a PLAN to stay lean up until Christmas. From there, it’s time to set some new goals.

I know most people thinking about the next 5 weeks will delete this email.

If you have read this far, I am mainly writing for you and to help you 🙂

Here is my plan
1. Make my fitness and workouts a priority. I am setting a goal to get in at least workouts each week. I will workout 3 times a week at the GYIS fitness sessions, do Tuesday cardio on my own and Thursday will be the GYIS Cardio club.

2. Go by the 90/10 rule. 90% of the time focus on eating lean and clean while 10% I can eat what I want in moderation

3. Get a group to help motivation me. I will be leading a group through our Lean Lifestyle program that will mainly be virtual but will help motivate me knowing I am not doing it on my own.

4. Cut out alcohol/beer. Having helped a lot of people, I realize that everyone is different but I have found that cutting out this can speed up the process of staying/getting lean. For me personally, I feel much better, sleep much better and tend to get lean much easier when I cut it out altogether.

5. Be consistent with my supplements – If you have followed me at all, Supplements are only meant to provide solutions. I’ll make sure I take my daily vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and may have more shakes handy for the parties when I may not have too many health choices.

What is your plan for the holiday season to stay lean? – hit reply if you have a plan to hold yourself accountable.

First off, if you don’t want to do any of what I would suggest on your own, you can join our Hot For The Holidays 21-Day program and we will give you the step by step plan to follow along with accountability to help you stay/get lean. You be surrounded by other positive like-minded people helping you do, be and become more.

If not, here is the plan I would suggest to help you
1) Set some realistic goals as to what you want to achieve before 2018 and WHY you want to achieve them. Focus on the WHY as those will help you make better choices each and every day.

2) Focus on moving more – I would commit to doing SOMETHING at least 5 days a week. I would shoot for 3 resistance workouts and 2 cardio workouts.

3) Use MyFitnessPal – Focus on the basics of eating clean and lean the majority of the time track everything you put in your mouth using MyFitnessPal app.

4) Get Support & Accountability – Get a friend or a group of friends to help keep you accountable. This by far is why Get You In Shape continues to be successful. We help keep people accountable and we put like-minded people together to increase the accountability.

5) Fill in the gaps – Most people I talk to struggle with cravings (over eating) and energy. If that is you, I would suggest one of our supplement lifestyle options that may help. We have found that adding this to your nutrition and fitness program can help the overall process of getting/staying lean easier. We have 4 lifestyle options we have come up with for the general person who is looking to cut cravings and have more energy to get off the couch and do something. If you are interested in the link for what we recommend, hit reply back and I’ll email it to you.

That’s it. Now it’s called a PLAN for a reason.
Fail to Plan…..Plan to Fail

Hit reply if you are committing to getting or staying lean this holiday season.

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