Coppell Personal Trainer - Tips and info March Camp -

Coppell Personal Trainer – Tips and info March Camp


Mar 28

March 25, 2014

Hope your week has gotten off to a great start. It’s been great to have full fitness sessions
as the weather has gotten better and Spring is here. We have a lot going on
with our 100 Mile Challenge, 24 Day Challenge Mixer this Thursday night,
Saturday sessions this weekend, and a great product training from Dr. Miller on
April 1st.

So check out all the information in the upcoming events section

If you have not had a chance to read the tip from last week,
check it out as it will help you burn more calories in the time you

If you have not already heard, we have our 2 big charity events
of the year coming up in May. We know it’s not good timing with back to back
weekends. The Coppell 5k benefiting Special Olympics
was the only day available before summer and the Pushups For
benefiting veterans is on Armed Services Day (May 17th)
each year. There will be many ways you can  help “give back”
with both these special events so be on the look out soon.

Staying plugged in? Have
questions? Make sure you are taking advantage of our private group on
. This was designed to help you stay motivated,
encouraged, and accountable.

As always, please reach
out to us and let us know how we can help you.

If you focus on RESULTS, you will never see CHANGE
If you focus on CHANGE, you will always see RESULTS!

Brad Linder

The Get You In Shape Team

214-603-8287I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
Phil 4:13

–  Resistance Training vs. Cardio

Click Here for the tip. I know many of you are already aware of the
benefits of Resistance Training or you would not be committed to our fitness
program that primarily incorporates resistance training into the workouts with
a little added cardio (because of the benefits). I found a quick video that is
great and thought you would benefit from it. Here is the blog.


Spring Challenge –
Click here
for info 

We ask that you post your weekly mile in our private facebook page here on
Saturday of each week.

March 27th
24 Day Challenge Mixer@
7:30pm Click

March Session – Mar.3-April 4th March Accountability Calendar Here

21st March – 1/2 Way Measurements

29th March – Saturday sessions 7am and 8am

1st AprilClick Here Product Training with Dr. Miller – In depth
training to get the most out of your weight management, performance, and
nutrition. This will be a great educational night for anyone looking for that
extra edge or get the most out of their nutrition.

4th April – Last Day measurements/weigh in

5th April – Monthly GYIS community 5k @8am

7th April – 1st Session of April Camp

10th April – 24 Day Challenge Nutritional Mixer Click

Please Mark your calendar’s for our two charity events coming up in May.

May 10th – Coppell 5k benefiting Coppell Special Olympics. Sign up at

May 17th – Mark your calendar’s for our 5th Annual
Pushups for Charity benefiting the Boot Campaign.

May 17th – Client Appreciation Party @The Linder’s at 5:30pm
March Accountability Calendar Here.

QUICK TIP – Is Ginkgo Bilbao good
for your memory?

It comes from one of the oldest trees in the world.If you know anything about Ginkgo Bilbao, you may have heard
it’s often promoted as a memory enhancer.

But does it really help your memory?

Not according to Dr. Mehmet Oz of Oprah fame.

He also says it doesn’t help improve your intelligence or
prevent Alzheimer disease (although he concedes that it may slow it down a

It’s not to say that Ginkgo Bilbao has no use.  Far from

What Ginkgo Bilbao does do, according to Dr. Oz, is increase the
blood supply to your vital organs which could definitely play a role in
improving your libido.

Plus it’s good for macular degeneration of the eyes by
increasing the blood supply to pigments in the back of your eye that often
deteriorate.  It’s also an antioxidant that battles away at “the
oxidization that happens when the light hits your eyes.”

In addition, if you suffer from vertigo, Ginkgo Bilbao has been
known to help with that too although they have yet to figure out why.

So while still good, if you’re taking it to help your memory,
Ginkgo Bilbao is acting as a placebo only.

Jamie Levine  March
3rd                   Dweight Sharper March 7th
Bobby Rickman March
8th               Darla Jo Manning March 9th

Paul Hinkley  March
10th                  Kathleen Purches   Meach 11th

Susan Gonzales  March
Alicia Gardner March 15th

Kristen Hyden
17th             Kara Dunn       March 17th

Pjetrovic    March
18th        Susan
matulevicius  March 18th

Tarah Dickenson
March 22nd       Daniela Centeno
March 23rd

Glenda Verdel  March
25th             Melis Jones  March 26th

Jancy Jacob  March
29th                  Vicki Hoerth  March 30th

Pat McDaniel  March

I’m a great believer in luck, and
I find the harder I work, the more I have of it. -Thomas


Click Here – Get You In Shape Spotlights of the Month. We love hearing
from our GYIS community. REAL PEOPLE – REAL SUCCESS STORIES is what it’s all


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