Coppell Personal Trainer Tip of the week - Things that make you fat -

Coppell Personal Trainer Tip of the week – Things that make you fat


Aug 26

Everyday Health had a great article called “Odd Things That Make You Fat”

We thought we would put the cliff notes on it for our tip of the week. You can see the entire article here. Just know the article does point to all the studies and actual evidence of these Odd Things That Make You Fat.

1. Staying up late makes you gain weight – Research found that people who went to bed late ate more food.

2. Traveling for Work – Traveling for work makes you more likely to have a higher BMI. This is no surprise as you are in the car or airplane for long periods of time. You tend to not workout and the meals are typically higher calorie than eating at home. Being prepared with healthy nutrition for on the go and also planning out workout time is key to staying health and fit if you have to travel for work.

3. Classic Cardio – Only doing the classic cardio like the treadmill, running spinning, stepping, etc is not getting the results. The article mentioned strength training and interval training to burn calories and build lean muscle. Hope both of these (strength training and interval training) ring a bell since that is what Get You In Shape does every session.

4. Blasting the Air Conditioning -By running your A/C on cool all the time, it helps to keep our bodies in a “thermoneutral zone,” a temperature range in which we don’t have to work to stay comfortable, which decreases the amount of calories we burn. The article mentioned that being warm tends to cause most people to eat less

5. A Jam Packed Fridge – Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables can help you stay trim, but if your fridge is so full that you don’t even know what’s in your produce drawers, your healthy intentions may be falling short.

6. A Daily Diet Soda Habit – According to a study in the journal Obesity, over a 17-year period, people who downed drinks made with artificial sweeteners (which diet soda has) had a 47 percent bigger increase in body mass index (BMI) than those who didn’t drink them. NEED I SAY MORE?

7. Constantly Multitasking – When you are busy, it’s hard to carve out time to eat healthy. frequently toggling between different tasks can exhaust the executive function of the brain, which helps us regulate self control.

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