Coppell Personal Trainer Tip - Lessons From This Past Weekend -

Coppell Personal Trainer Tip – Lessons From This Past Weekend


Aug 10

Looking back at my life, it seems like one step has lead to the next. I am sure you can relate as you look back on your life as well. Hopefully, wherever you are in life, this blog post will help you in some way.

Most of you know Cynthia and I are blessed to be a part of a nutrition company.  Cynthia and I got the privilege of going to the Annual Success School at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, TX. There were more than 20,000 people from all over the U.S. come for this three day conference.

I have been taking the products since 2001. Initially, I was just looking for help improve my energy levels throughout the day. I heard about them through my college basketball coach’s son and decided to give them a try since I trusted him. In just 90 days, I ended up losing 8% body fat, gaining 10 pounds of muscle and was in better shape than I was when I was playing professional basketball overseas.

Fast forward to 2006, after a series of life steps one leading to the next, I started my fitness business Get You In Shape and the nutrition company was an easy fit for Get You In Shape. Our nutrition system is a perfect complement to our fitness program and we have have been able to help hundreds of people experience life-changing results as a result. If fact, as of August, we are now including that as a part of every new client’s enrollment because we feel it is that important to help get someone started off with great success.

Although Get You In Shape is my full-time work and is certainly my passion, being involved in the nutrition company has been something Cynthia and I have been doing since before we had our first child Elliott on a part time basis as a business.

Here are a few things I know. I feel that this not your normal nutrition company. It’s not your normal direct sales company. Not your normal supplement company.  It is a company that has exploded from 2009. It’s has gone from $99 million in sales in 2009 to $630 million in 2013. It’s a company that challenges you to BE and DO more in every area of your life. Cynthia and I want to be and do more in life. We believe this is the vehicle we are choosing to help us do that. For you, though, we hope that these are a few nuggets that may help you in whatever area in life you are trying to improve in or get better in.

Notes, Motivation, Nuggets from this past weekend. EVERYTHING You Do Matters – It’s not about the BRAND but the Culture.

Show your VALUES and not your VALUABLES

Entrepreneurship – Two main qualities
1. Become Teachable – Allow yourself to be mentored
2. Start to LISTEN to God (that small voice inside you)

The three reasons Entrepreneurs  are successful
1. They learn to get along with others
2. They Focus on the Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs (what your #1 thing is)
3. They Take Action

Success is not convenient or comfortable

Champion CHOICES produces a Champion LIFE

Champion – The art or defender of purpose

Becoming a Champion
1. Begin with the end in mind. What are your goals, what do you want, where are you going, etc
2. Eliminate obstacles and distractions
3. Have a plan and process for success
4. Keep the DREAM ALIVE.

Becoming a Leader:
1. Heavily invest in their teams success
2. They are aware of Character, Conduct and Conversation
3. They have a plan for personal development. You are what you read, what you listen to and who you hang around with.
4. Have great perspective.
5. Leave Nothing to Chance – The only way to be satisfied is to do your best and give it your all.

Our Top  Reasons why We CHOOSE This company. I could go in detail on each of these but choose to give you the highlights so that you.
1. Culture – The majority of people that pursue this company are individuals, people and families we want to be around and immulate in our life.
2. The Products Work – The products work and have worked since 1993. They are the best on the market. It’s great to be known as the Nike of Nutrition.
3. Core Values – Guiding principle #1 – Honor God Through Faith, Family and Friends. Something we strive for each and every day.
4. Purpose – We feel we have a God-Given  purpose to help people in the areas of health and finance through this company.
5. Rewarding – There is nothing like knowing you played a role in helping someone change the shape of their future.
6. Be and Do MORE – It’s at the Core of every single person. We just don’t want to be normal. Being involved with this company has allowed and is allowing us to BE and DO more.
7. Help More People – With Get You In Shape, we can really only help people in the Coppell Area. We can really only help people with fitness and nutrition needs. With this company, we are now able to help people everywhere in the areas of both health AND finances.


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