Coppell Personal Trainer - Thanksgiving Week Workouts -

Coppell Personal Trainer – Thanksgiving Week Workouts


Nov 24

Coppell Personal Trainer – Thanksgiving Workouts

This the average American gaining 5-15 pounds from Thanksgiving to New Years, I wanted to make sure you had some workouts to help you create a calorir deficit this Thanksgiving.
Get Active
Create a calorie deficit by exercising to burn off extra calories before you ever indulge in your favorite foods. If you are in the Coppell (or Dallas) area, there is a lot of great fitness events. The Turkey Trot is one that thousands of people go to each year. The Coppell Thanksgiving Turkey Busting Workout is another great event to burn off some thanksgiving calories. Make fitness a family adventure by getting some exercise in early in the day and taking a walk later in the day.

Here are a few workout options.
Many of the Get You In Shape clients travel for work year-round and others take vacations during the summer months and don’t have access to weights or other equipment. Rather than foregoing exercise altogether, I recommend a few short high-intensity workouts and a longer run, swim, or walk to keep you feeling great and offset a less than stellar diet while traveling. I know it’s really hard to stay on track when traveling, so we encourage our clients to do their best to at least eat lots of veggies, lean proteins, and fruits and drink 4 liters of water per day.

ABC’s of being a Boot Camper

Each partner will do either 10/15/20 of each exercise while the other one is resting

Air squats Burpees Crossovers Dead Lifts

Easy jog Fast Bicycles Golf swings Heel Taps

123 Inside knee J Jacks Kick planks Log jumps

Mtn Climbers KNee pulls Overhead squats Push ups

obliQue Reaches Rev crunch Star jumps Thrusters

Upper cuts V-sits Walking lunges

Xtensions- Leg Yoga Press

Now catch some ZZZZZ’s
Click Here to PRINT THE ABC’s Workout

Going out of town for a week? Below are a number of different workouts you can download, print and choose from. Click on the Red links below.
A 5 Workout Thanksgiving Week Program we did a few years ago.

Click on the Red below for 5 other weeks of workouts you can print out.
Workout #1        Workout #2      Workout #3    Workout #4  Workout #5


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CLick Here for our Blog with 10 Healthy Thanksgiving Tips
Eat Breakfast
Drink Plenty of Water –
Substitute with Lighter options

Police Your Portions
Skip the Seconds
Choose the Healthier Best Bets on the Buffet.
Eat Slowly
Go Easy on Alcohol
Be Realistic

Focus on Family and Friends


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