Coppell Personal Trainer Success Story from Tara -

Coppell Personal Trainer Success Story from Tara


Apr 10

We are very excited about about the results from our 2nd Advocare Total Transformation Contest.
We have been running our proven Advocare 24 Day Challenge  for a long time now and knew having a 10 week contest would help make more lasting changes to their lifestyle.

What was the Total Transformation Contest?  This was a 10 week Contest that was open to any and all folks on Brad and Cynthia’s Advocare team. In a nutshell it was everything we give with our normal 24 Day Challenge but each person kept takingWebsite Logo Advocare’s Metabolic Nutrition System and as a minimum to help with results.It It was all structured around taking the Advocare nutritional products. Each person received a Nutrition Guide Book, a healthy recipe book, an email follow up system, a private tools page, all-access coaching and accountability, Advocare Nutritional Supplements and A Chance To Win One of Five Awesome Prizes.
This was also part of a  National Contest with over 250 participants from all across the country. Participants not only got motivated by local fitness professionals but from some of the top fitness professionals in the nation along with a private facebook page that helped keep everyone encouraged and accountable everyday.

How did we pick the winners? The results were calculated and based on who made the most substantial changes based off that criteria and the top five were selected.

The Top 5 Got The Chance To Win One of Five Awesome Prizes:

2nd Place – Tara
Lost 19 Pounds, 18 inches and 8.30% body weight in 10 weeks

1 Name, what you do, and where do you live?
Tara – Coppell

2 Why did you decide to join the Total Transformation Contest?Tara Before After Front

I had seen so many Get You In Shape clients around me DROP WEIGHT, FEEL BETTER and HAVE ALOT MORE ENERGY! I wanted to push myself and get these same results!

3 What was your life like before joining the Total Transformation Contest?

I had already been doing the Get You In Shape Fitness Boot Camp and had completed several of the Get You In Shape Challenges: Biggest Winner and the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge. I was on my way to more fit, but THIS WAS AN AMAZING!!

4 What was your first impression from the Total Transformation Contest program?

I loved all of the SUPPORT, felt Energy with Advocare, Loved all the FaceBook TTC Group persons dealing with same issues all sharing tips, I loved the Leads doing Posts, Questions and Answers to what we were all facing, I was already using myfitnesspal from the Biggest Winner- LOVE THE AWARENESS it brought to me! I was literally EATING FOR 2 healthy persons and thought I was doing great/ eating healthy!? NOT LOW ENOUGH CALORIES to drop weight though!
5 What have been some of the tools that are a part of the Total Transformation Contest that you have used that have benefited you?

Love Myfitnesspal and continue to keep in touch with ideas, recipes and motivations on Get You In Shape Facebook VIP (private group page) and even created a Women’s Health FB Group for ANY WOMEN WISHES TO JOURNEY TO A HEALTHIER FIT LIFE called ” Motivate and Transform Us”!!!!

6. How is the Total Transformation Contest program different from other programs you have tried before? Or What makes the Total Transformation Contest  different or unique?

I felt that what all I got out of this Amazing Experience was LIFE CHANGING AND WORTH ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY!!! I felt TTC worked on me- Mentally, Physically and Spiritually- To become a person in better health!
7 What results and benefits have you experienced in the Total Transformation Contest?

FROM TTC- I lost almost 20 Lbs/ Lost 18.8 Inches –

From Get You In Shape and other Challenges since August- I have dropped a CombinedTara Before After Side amount of 34 LBS! I am currently doing the “100 Mile Challenge” and plan to do every Challenge created in order to drop the remaining 25- 28 lbs to be at Goal weight!! I AM SO EXCITED AND NEVER THOUGHT I WOULD SEE THESE NUMBERS AGAIN ON THE SCALE!!

8 What would you say to anyone looking at joining or trying the Total Transformation Contest?

I would recommend to any interested in DROPPING POUNDS and CHANGING THEIR EATING HABITS to not only participate in Get You In Shape Fitness Boot Camp, but to enter TTC for a 10 week “For a Wake up call to a Healthy lifestyle so you can GET WEIGHT OFF to become FIT not just FIRM!”


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