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Coppell Personal Trainer and Boot Camp –


Nov 07

Coppell Boot Camp and Personal Trainer – Coppell mother of 4 gets awesome results from boot camp

Hi my name is Silvia Dendy from Coppell, TX. I am a stay at home mother of four. I started the Get You In Shape boot Camp three weeks ago so I am just now finishing my third week of the Get You In Shape boot Camp. I am adicted. The main thing I have noticed the most is my energy level. My energy has increased, I don’t have that afternon lag. I have that extra bit of energy and all day long my energy level it just HOT.

I have a gym membership. I would go for a week or two and I would be on. Then I wouldn’t go for a week or two. Then start the cycle again. I feel that the Get You In Shape boot Camp actually allow me to WANT to get up and work out. I laugh that I want to get up. I choose the 5:30am class and that is NOT like me normally but I look forward to doing it. I get up in the morning because I know the results that I am going to get throughout the day. I just feel the high energy level and it helps me eat better knowing I worked out in the morning. I actually anticipate the workouts and look forward to the workouts. That sounds crazy from someone who hardly exercised before the Get You In Shape boot Camp.  I eat well so that was not really my problem. I have received a lot of results in just 3 weeks. I have lost weight, lost inches even in just the 3 weeks I have done it. It has just helped my body  kick into gear and raise my metabolism.

I recommend the Get You In Shape boot Camp . I say grab a friend because that is how I got started. A friend brought me and I was just going to help encourage her along. It’s is one of the best things I have done for myself. Because being a mother of four, I am always the last one on the totam pole. I take care of my husband and my kids and so the Get You In Shape boot Camp is now for ME. They are all now benefiting from it.

So come on, come join us.