Coppell Fitness Workouts for Boot Camp Jan wk1 -

Coppell Fitness Workouts for Boot Camp Jan wk1


Jan 02

Wednesday – Boot Camp #1
Thursday –
5-10 Minutes of warm up,
5 minutes in medium pace, Hold in Plank Position for 1 min, Supermans for 1 min, Toe touches for 1 min, Reverse Crunch for 1 min, Pillar Bridge for 1 min
Interval Training
This can be done on any inside exercise machine or also outside 2 Minutes in Slow, 2 Minute in Medium, 1 Minute in fast.
Try to get in 5 – 6 rounds or 25-30 minutes Extra Stretching today.
If inside –   1 Minute of each of the following exercises with 30-60 rest in between each exercise.
1. Jumping Jacks
2. Knee Tucks 30/30
3. Defensive Slides
4. Jump Squats w/ arms crossed over shoulders
5. Touch the ceiling
Get 20-30 minutes of this in. Trying completing 3-4 rounds total

Friday -Boot Camp #2
Saturday –
Boot Camp #3 7am or 8am

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