Coppell Fitness Trainer Weight Loss Success Story from Ellie -

Coppell Fitness Trainer Weight Loss Success Story from Ellie


Apr 09

We are very excited about about the results from our 2nd Advocare Total Transformation Contest.
We have been running our proven Advocare 24 Day Challenge  for a long time now and knew having a 10 week contest would help make more lasting changes to their lifestyle.

What was the Total Transformation Contest?  This was a 10 week Contest that was open to any and all folks on Brad and Cynthia’s Advocare team. In a nutshell it was everything we give with our normal 24 Day Challenge but each person kept takingWebsite Logo Advocare’s Metabolic Nutrition System and as a minimum to help with results.It It was all structured around taking the Advocare nutritional products. Each person received a Nutrition Guide Book, a healthy recipe book, an email follow up system, a private tools page, all-access coaching and accountability, Advocare Nutritional Supplements and A Chance To Win One of Five Awesome Prizes.
This was also part of a  National Contest with over 250 participants from all across the country. Participants not only got motivated by local fitness professionals but from some of the top fitness professionals in the nation along with a private facebook page that helped keep everyone encouraged and accountable everyday.

How did we pick the winners? The results were calculated and based on who made the most substantial changes based off that criteria and the top five were selected.

The Top 5 Got The Chance To Win One of Five Awesome Prizes:

3rd Place Ellie Halpin
Lost 15.6 Pounds, 15.5inches and 8.73% body weight in 10 weeks

1 Name, what you do, and where do you live?
My name is Ellie Halpin and I am an Academic Language Therapist in private practice, living in Coppell, Texas.Ellie Before After Front

2 Why did you decide to join the Total Transformation Contest?
I decided to join the Total Transformation Contest because I had just had enough of the yo-yo diet cycle.  AND, one week before the contest began I found out that I was pre-diabetic and on my way to diabetes if I didn’t do something.  And, my cholesterol was too high, my thyroid was messed up and I didn’t feel good physically or emotionally.  I needed something to get my “butt” in gear, so I thought, why not?

3 What was your life like before joining the Total Transformation Contest?
First off, I have been a Get You in Shape Boot Camper for 3 ½ years.  Along the way, I saw myself get stronger, but not leaner because I didn’t make the consistent nutrition changes that were needed.  Six months before the contest, I incurred a neck and back injury and was told that I should not participate in boot camp again.  I was devastated to say the least.  I completely stopped exercising other than leisurely walking and had almost convinced myself that this was “it”.  This would be the extent of my exercising forever.  I was also eating through my emotions and that just became a vicious cycle.  I was completely miserable.  So, I decided to return and incorporate plenty of stretching into my schedule so that I could maintain an active lifestyle for the long term.  I told myself to do only what I can do and not try to be a crazy superstar on the first day.  I started back to GYIS in November 2013 but didn’t change my eating.  I just got bigger and more frustrated with myself.  I would say the biggest turning point was when my doctor told me on January 8th that I was headed towards disease if I didn’t’ do something RIGHT NOW.  It scared me.  So, I knew I had to give the Total Transformation Contest a try.
4 What was your first impression from the Total Transformation Contest program?
Initially, I expected it to be like the other 24-Day Program through Advocare.  I would stick to it for 24 days and then, I would probably return to my old ways.  Disappointing myself once again.  But….something happened during that first 24 days that had never happened before.  I felt hope inside.  I was beginning to “get it”. I actually really liked the food and the way that it made me feel.  The support from Brad, Julie and my other trainers at GYIS was incredible, checking in with me frequently.  By February, I knew it was different this time.  I might actually do this!
5 What have been some of the tools that are a part of the Total Transformation Contest that you have used that have benefited you?
Ellie Before After Side6. How is the Total Transformation Contest program different from other programs you have tried before? Or What makes the Total Transformation Contest different or unique?
The tools have been key and I have taken advantage of everything possible.  I think that is what has made the difference for me this time.  I took the Advocare Nutritional SupplementsMSN supplements, catalyst, spark and nighttime recovery, meal replacement shakes and an occasional snack bar.  These have been key to feeling good and managing my hunger levels and energy.  I listened to the webinars and they educated me and made me feel “normal”.  The trainers really understood the way I was feeling and guided me down the right road.  My Fitness Pal was a huge tool for me.  It opened my eyes up to not only calories, but also the nutritional value of each food.  In order for me to make positive changes in my health, I vowed to log everything that I put in my mouth and I did!!  No cheating because I would only be cheating myself.  The Face Book TTC page was one of my highlights too!!  Everyday I loved seeing the pictures and posts from my new friends around the country.  I feel as if we have been on this journey together even though we have never met. Everyone is a winner and I truly mean that!  I have gained new friends here in Coppell that I hold in my heart.   And, Julie, one of our killer personal trainers, really helped me tweak my nutrition and fitness to get my metabolism working correctly.  It was scary to add 300 calories per day to my food intake near the end of this contest, but it was exactly what was needed for me to break a 3 week plateau.  I listened to her and did what she advised.   I feel as if I finally have the formula that works for me.  Its not a magic bullet as I have deceived myself so many times before, but it is something that is attainable with consistency. No other program that I know of gives this much attention and service to all of the people on this journey.   You know, I think we all started out somewhat “broken” and through the tools that have been put in place; we supported each other to heal some of our wounds.  I noticed that within the last 4 weeks, the group took on a life of its own without the dependence of our trainers to get us talking and communicating.  That is completely different than any other program.  I am really going to miss this group and can’t wait to hear everyone’s story and see fabulous pictures of success!
7 What results and benefits have you experienced in the Total Transformation Contest?
I am different.  I have learned that there truly isn’t a magic pill that you can take to lose weight.  I have learned, more than anything, that consistency in my nutrition and exercise will bring results.  It may not happen in my time, but God’s time.  And, I am learning patience with myself.  I have learned to forgive myself for falling off track, because all I have to do is make the right choices at my next meal and start moving!!  I sleep amazing now and I have so much energy throughout the entire day.  I am no longer dozing off at 4pm.  At the beginning of January I was not able to run a mile.  By the end of February, I ran a 5K without stopping.  I never thought I would be able to do that again. I have lost 15.6 pounds and 17 inches!!! I lost 4 pounds on the 24-day challenge and 11.6 more since then. And, I know that I am stronger, both physically and mentally.
8 What would you say to anyone looking at joining or trying the Total Transformation Contest?
If you want to get Fit, feel better physically and emotionally, the TTC is the program for you.  Don’t question it, just do it.  Follow the Program.


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