Coppell Fitness Trainer and Boot Camp Tips and info for week3 -

Coppell Fitness Trainer and Boot Camp Tips and info for week3


Aug 12

Trainer Tip of the week –  Here is a great tip on the importance of how you sleep.

Thursday August 16th – Advocare Mixer at our home from 7-8pm. Come hear about how many of our clients are getting great results by adding the Advocare nutrition into their program. Click Here for more information.

September Time Change Starting August 27th – Evening times will be changing starting August 27th. They will move back to the school year (Sept. – May ) times of 5pm and 6pm.

Client Testimony of the Week — Here is a Success Story from a father and son who lost 32 pounds in just 24 days.

Workouts Week #3 August — Here are the workouts we suggest you do for this week.

Interested in training for a 1/2 of doing a relay? Here is information about it.

August CalendarHere is the updated August Calendar

Cardio Club – Here is information about our Cardio Club. Need motivation for your off-day cardio? Not getting it done by yourself? Need more positive group camaraderie and support? We will need folks to commit in the next 2 weeks so we know we can offer it in September. The pm session will change to 6pm starting August 28th.

Dates Coming up
August 16th – Advocare Mixer @ the Linder’s 7pm
Aug. 18th Saturday session 7am and 8am
August 25th Cardio Club 5k – all are welcome
August 27th – Start of next Boot Camp
August 28th – 24 Day Challenge @ Linder’s
September 1st – Advocare Mixer @12pm at the Linders

See our Dates and Events Page for Dates and Events coming up

Get Fit, Have Fun, Make a Difference

Remember – If you focus on results, you will never see change. If you focus on CHANGE, you will ALWAYS see RESULTS.

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