Coppell Fitness Tips and Information for Week #4 -

Coppell Fitness Tips and Information for Week #4


Aug 20

If you missed the Workout of the Day on Saturday, Here are a few pictures of the fun workout. We love sharing family experiences with all of you so it was a fun way to make the exciting announcement.

We have a lot going on so please just look below as we get ready for the measurements on Friday to finish out this month and start up again next Monday.

Trainer Tip of the week –  Here is a great tip with 10 keys from Will Smith on Wisdom.

Cardio Club – Here is the pricing and discount form. Please bring it on Friday so we can let folks know it we are going to get the required 8 in the morning and 8 in the evening to make the time. We can always add it again in October if it does not meet but we would love to be able to keep it going as the great fall weather comes.
Know that getting a punch card is an option but does not count as number for a particular time.
This is a popular extra service  we started in February to help with off day cardio.
So here is the basic info
1. Anyone can come tomorrow at 5:30am or 7pm (we change to 6pm starting next week).
Just reply back saying what time you plan on coming tomorrow so we know.

2. All general information about it are at

3. Here is the initial pricing and discount form that you can fill out and bring on Friday. The prices will change so this is the initial price for those looking at Cardio Club.

Here is the list of confirmed so far that are starting next Month. Reply back if you want us to add you to the it (meaning your signing up) and am or pm. If you are punch card, your name is not on the list.

Am times
Gary and Lynn Green
Bill and Mary Brown
Barrett Clark
Rafael Cobb
Indro Dasgupta
Karen McMahon

PM times
Kelly Chasteen
Kathy Chasteen
Billie Bedsole
Christina Harmon

September Calendar – Here is the Calendar. – Please note the time change for the evening sessions. They will move to 5pm and 6pm.

12pm Session? Do you want us to add a 12pm session?  – We have 4 (Pam, Paul, Jane S., and Liz H.) so far out of the 8 we need to commit to at least coming to at least 9 of the 12 sessions in September. If you would like to commit to this time, please reply to this email letting me know you will commit to coming to  12pm session 9 of the 12 sessions.
We have

Workouts Week #4 August — Here are the workouts we suggest you do for this week.

Upcoming races and events –  Here is information for races and events.

Dates Coming up
August 25th Cardio Club 5k – all are welcome
August 27th – Start of next Boot Camp
August 28th – 24 Day Challenge @ Linder’s
September 1st – Advocare Mixer @12pm at the Linders

See our Dates and Events Page for Dates and Events coming up

Get Fit, Have Fun, Make a Difference

Remember – If you focus on results, you will never see change. If you focus on CHANGE, you will ALWAYS see RESULTS.

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