Coppell Fitness Success Story - 21 Pound Weight loss -

Coppell Fitness Success Story – 21 Pound Weight loss


Apr 08

We are very excited about about the results from our 2nd  Total Transformation Contest.
We have been running our proven Nutrition System  for a long time now and knew having a 10 week contest would help make more lasting changes to their lifestyle.

What was the Total Transformation Contest?  This was a 10 week Contest that was open to any and all folks on Brad and Cynthia’s Nutrition team. In a nutshell it was everything we give with our normal Nutrition System but each person kept takingWebsite Logo Metabolic Nutrition System and as a minimum to help with results.It It was all structured around taking the nutritional products. Each person received a Nutrition Guide Book, a healthy recipe book, an email follow up system, a private tools page, all-access coaching and accountability, the Nutritional Supplements and A Chance To Win One of Five Awesome Prizes.
This was also part of a  National Contest with over 250 participants from all across the country. Participants not only got motivated by local fitness professionals but from some of the top fitness professionals in the nation along with a private facebook page that helped keep everyone encouraged and accountable everyday.

How did we pick the winners? The results were calculated and based on who made the most substantial changes based off that criteria and the top five were selected.
The Top 5 Got The Chance To Win One of Five Awesome Prizes:

4th Place – Candy York

Candy Lost 21.2 Pounds, 20.5 inches and 7.97% body weight in 10 weeks

1 Name, what you do, and where do you live?  Candy York.  I’m a Food Scientist and Director of Product Development for a small prepared food company.  I live in CoppellCandy Before After 1 TX.
2 Why did you decide to join the Total Transformation Contest?  I had joined the GYIS Boot Camp program in October and was already experiencing great results with the exercise and by using My Fitness Pal to log my food.  I was curious to see if I could enhance the experience as well as join the competition to stay focused moving into the New Year.
3 What was your life like before joining the Total Transformation Contest? Immediately before the contest, I had already made major changes in my wellness routine by journaling my food intake and committing to incorporating exercise into my daily routine.  It was not a huge change from what I had already been doing.

4 What was your first impression from the Total Transformation Contest program?  The first impression was the “hassle” of all the supplements and times to take them.  Incorporating the supplements into the schedule of my current prescribed medications was a challenge.  Once the routine was established, the schedule became easier.

5 What have been some of the tools that are a part of the Total Transformation Contest that you have used that have benefited you?  I heavily accessed the community of consultants/ trainers during the initial cleanse.  I did have a few difficulties with the supplements and my prescribed medications.  The Facebook community was also beneficial for the camaraderie and encouraging support.  I also accessed a few of the weekly video presentations.

6. How is the Total Transformation Contest program different from other programs you have tried before? Or What makes the Total Transformation Contest different or unique?  For the most part, TTC is not that different from many of the other “programs” I’ve tried for weight loss and wellness in the past.  The biggest difference was the involvement of the TTC group.  For me, losing weight is not the difficult part, keeping it off and really making a change is my past failure.

7 What results and benefits have you experienced in the Total Transformation Contest?

The first 2 weeks, I lost 7 lbs followed by 12 lbs the next 4 weeks and finally 9 lbs the last 4 weeks.  A total of 21.2 lbs in just 10 weeks.  Also lost a total of 16.8 inches and have been shopping my closet for clothes I didn’t fit into at the beginning of the contest.  While in the cleanse phase, I experienced some side effects in conjunction with my chronic health condition.  It eventually resolved itself.  One of the positive side effects came from the probiotics in the supplement package.  I noticed less gas even with the increased fiber consumption.
8 What would you say to anyone looking at joining or trying the Total Transformation Contest?  My advice would be to work with your primary health provider when starting the products from the TTC if you have chronic health conditions.  Also, one would want to be sure to have the time to commit to the process.  There is a “routine” that has to be established to be successful.  I had a family emergency that took me out of town for a week during the last month of the contest and it was really difficult to concentrate when removed from my “comfortable habit” back home.  I still lost, but not as much as I did the prior 4 weeks.

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