Coppell Fitness Boot Camp - Tip and info Jan week #1 -

Coppell Fitness Boot Camp – Tip and info Jan week #1


Jan 02

Trainer Tip of the week – Here is the tip and  what we suggest you do send to us sometime this week. You can also read why my 2013 health and fitness goals are. 

Workouts this weekHere are the workouts for this week. We go M-W-F/ Saturday is the make up for Monday at 7am or 8am.

2013 Changes and additions
1. Once a week emails – We will limit our emails to every Monday with our tip, workouts, and other information you may need to know. We have a mixed group that liked the extra emails and others that would rather not get 3 emails each week.
We suggest you like our Facebook page here and also see the secret group we started on facebook. We believe this will be great for those needed more motivation and accountability.
Facebook Secret Group – We know not everyone uses facebook but the majority of people at least have an account and we are going to use this as a tool for 2013 to help you.
The private group will be used as a way we can all communicate with each other in real time. Share ideas, share tips, share challenges, share accomplishments, share goals, and more. I already know it will be a key component to many of our clients and am looking forward to it. If you are not already, you will need to become friends with Coppell Boot Camp on facebook before January 1st when we launch it. If you are not on Facebook, you may look into it just to be a part of this group.

January Calendar – January  Accountability Calendar.

Get You In Shape Scholarship ProgramClick here for information about it.

Dates and Events Coming up
December 21st  –
Last Day of camp
December 22nd
Monthly 5k @8am for all GYIS clients.
January 2nd – Start of New Year Session
January 8th –
New Year – New You 24 Day ChallengeSign Up Here

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