Coppell Fitness - 24 Day Challenge Results 25 pounds -

Coppell Fitness – 24 Day Challenge Results 25 pounds


Oct 29

We are excited about helping people. Tony and Marie enjoyed amazing results on the 24 Day Challenge. We will be hosting two events coming up


What You Get with the “Lose a Turkey Before Thanksgiving” 24 Day Challenge:

  • 24-Day nutrition guide book designed by a nutritionist that tells you exactly what to eat – $29 Value
  • Phone call check-ins with your coach – $39 Value
  • Grocery list for the foods on the plan – $19 Value
  • Workout program that tells you how many sets and reps to do and even has pictures of each exercise so you can do it at home (for those that are not in the Get You In Shape program) – $39 Value
  • Supplement program to boost your metabolism and increase your energy – $190 Value
  • Professional support, accountability, motivation, and inspiration and coaching. – $Priceless$
  • A proven program that has produced thousands of results nationwide and hundreds of results just through Get You In Shape.
  • A free gift for each referral that signs up with you.
  • And much more….
  • COST? The only cost is for the nutritional products that are go with the program and we will go a few options for anyone looking to get started. The investment actually ends up being a replacement, though, from what you are currently spending each day for a proven nutrition program that will help you look, feel, and perform better.


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