Coppell Boot Camp Workouts for week #3 of July Fitness Camp -

Coppell Boot Camp Workouts for week #3 of July Fitness Camp

Workout Of The Day

Jul 18

Monday – Team workout Medball, cardio, mountain climbers

10 min circuit – See Get You In Shape Program or Get You In Shape workout workbook if you are not sure about these exercises or what they are.
1 min Pillar Bridge (on elbows
30/30 side pillar
1 min Peter Pan (on stomach, hands by hips)
1 Min Reverse Crunches
30sec /30 sec slow-fast bicycles
1 min jumping jacks
1 min jump rope in place (with or without jump rope)
1 min side to side (hopping or stepping)
1 min front to back (hopping or stepping)
1 min touch the sky
After 10 minutes
30 Sec Slow, 30 Sec Fast for 20-30 minutes

Wednesday – Boot Camp

Thursday – 3 options today
1.Chaney’s tip (Click Here for Water Cardio workout) and exercise in the water for at least 30 minutes

2. Do this if you are planning on going to all Boot Camp workouts this week
(if you missed a boot camp or are going to miss – do the water cardio or the last suggested cardio)
hold in bottom of Sqaut for 2-4 min (Click Here for video)
30 – 45 minutes of cardio in Zone 1 or slow  level.
Zone 1 = your slow pace which just means your heart rate stays at a level pace and does not increase too high.
You should be able to carry on a conversation in Zone 1 or slow zone.
8-10 Min cool down stretching

3. 5-10 Minute warm-up. Get 5 Minutes of Pillar Bridges in. Have a clock and hold in pillar bridge until you need to rest. If you stop at 1 minute, the next time you start back again, it starts at 1 minute. You just keep adding it up until you have 5 total minutes.
Cardio– 3 Minutes in Medium, 2 minutes in slow for 30-45 minutes
8-10 Min cool down stretching

Friday – Boot Camp
Saturday –  Boot Camp 7am or 8am