Coppell Boot Camp Week #4 tip and info -

Coppell Boot Camp Week #4 tip and info


Mar 26

1. Tip of the week – Here is the tip this week. Water or Coke? For those of you who may need a little motivation to drink a little more water.

2. Women of StrengthHere is information about Thursday night. This is one event you wont want to miss.

3. April Cardio Club – Here is the website page with information. We need to know who wants to sign up for Cardio Club in April. Please email me if you are planning  so we know if both the AM and PM class meet.

4. Last week of Biggest WinnerHere is the information as to how to win. If you are signed up and want to have a chance at winning, you need to read it.

5. Suggestion of the month = Go to our blog to see why we keep talking about these wonder pills.

6. Dates to Remember – Here is the page that has dates to remember

7. Workouts this week – Here are workouts suggested for this week.

8. April Boot Camp CalendarHere is the calendar for April.

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