Commitment Forms -

Commitment Forms –


Dec 12

2011 Is sure to be a great year for Get You In Shape. We will continue to add things to help motivate, encourage and inspire you to reach towards new levels. We do want you that we will be implementing a small rate increase starting December 18th. We do, however, want to allow you to secure the current rates for up to 12 months. So we are giving you a chance to fill out a new commitment form. You have until this Friday, December 17th, to turn in the forms with the “old rates”.  Click Here for the pricing and forms if you have not turned a new one in yet and still want to.
 Here is a list of the names that are set to start with us in January that are on some sort of commitment with us. If you have turned one in the last week, we may not have added you to the list. Feel Free to send us an email with questions

Paul Hinkly
Karen McMahon
Beverly French
Angela Simpson
Tannya Gast
Terri Welty
Ellie Halpin
Linda Crème
Vickie Mudrick
Virginia Schmidt
Susan Gonzales
Kristi Rodman
Sherri Terrell
Pat McDaniel
Jeanette Bovenzi
Daniella Centeno
Bill Keating
Carla Cassie
Tim Mathwig
Dawn Mathwig
Stacy Baker
Jane Smith
Kathy Eells
Fred Purches
Kathleen Purches
Linda Garrett
Megan Wright
Chiffon Okuda
Chris Mayhan
Evette Rosinski
Maredith Adams
Tara Sappington
Tannay Gast
Lisa Natale
Rafeal Cobb
Amy Currington
Brandon Cox
Sherin Thawer
Marie Azcona
Stacy Kniff
Kim Smith
Alicia Montomery 
Janet Fetch
Tish Waters
Gray Kinney
Liz Hess
Pat Knutson
Chris McMillen
Julie Smith
Susan Wilson
Arie Johson
Ferol Chandler
Jan Mills
Erica Lawhorn
Michelle Yates
Alicia Gardner
Robin Woodby
Ashley Hoban
Jamie Lavine
Charles Baiamonte
Lorna Baimonte
Najah Rayburg
Beccy Ratliff
Aylan Him
Cindi Echert
Ferol Chandler
Jane Smith
Robin Woodby
Ashley Hoban
Angela Simpson
Beccy Ratliff
Najah Rayburg
Aylan Him
Alberto Him
Cyndi Eckert
Melissa McKay
Scott Woodby
Jim Morris
Vicki Cathy
karen McHahon
Beverly French
Scott Woodby
Jim Morris
Vicki Cathy
Melissa McMillen
Kelly Ozmy
Allyson Jeter
Tom Bumpass
Mark Meyer
Michelle Lamb