Client of the Year 2016 – 1st Place – Robin McCoy -

Client of the Year 2016 – 1st Place – Robin McCoy

Success Story

Dec 29

Robin McCoy is a Realtor and she lives in Coppell, TX. She has been with Get You In Shape for 1 year.

Q: Where were you at in your life before the Get You In Shape? What did your life look like?
In 2004-2005 I lost 110 pound vowing NEVER to gain that weight again. I had gained 40 pounds back when I found Get You In Shape. I was pretty sedentary though attempting to make changes in my activity level and nutrition. Nothing was working and my commitment, and self-esteem was pretty low. I was getting very discouraged with myself and the weight I had gained.

Q: Why did you decide to join Get You In Shape?
I tried it because I felt as if I had tried everything else. I was looking for something that gave me a plan and told me what to do. Working out on my own at the gym was not producing any results.

Q: What was your first experience with or first impression of Get You In Shape?
My first week I was sore from my hair to my toenails. I was astounded at how out of shape I really was… However, Chaney “met me where I was”. There was no judgement or expectation. Just solid encouragement. There were others there in the same boat as me….I wasn’t the only one.

Q: What are some of the tools from the Get You In Shape program you have used that has helped you? robin-mccoy-before-after-framed
Boot Camp and Cardio Club in combination has been what has propelled me. The consistency of the two has kept me on track all year.

The challenges help because it helps me to refocus on what I need to focus on…primarily nutrition and eating good foods.

My friends! I have met some of the most wonderful people in this program. Everyone supports one another…trainers, owners, other boot-campers….This is probably the strongest tool I have used.

Q: What do you like most about the Get You In Shape Program?
The workouts are ever changing so there isn’t any boredom and they are always challenging.

I am working on every part of my body…not just cardio. I can see differences in my strength and how my body actually looks and feels and functions.

The camaraderie among all participants. True friendships and support. When you miss a session you are MISSED!

Q: How has the Get You In Shape program helped change your life?
I am now one of those people that work out on vacation, get cranky if I miss my workout session, get up before dawn to run, am considering doing a tri next summer.

I am no longer consumed with a number on the scale but feeling the muscle definition in my arms and shoulders.

I realize the things I am capable of…a year ago if you told me I could run a mile I would have laughed at you. Now, because of the GYIS group and experience I am planning a 100k walk across Northern Spain in 2018…The Camino Primivito.

Q: What is your proudest moment or result from the Get You in Shape program?
Too many to name….Realizing I can pull myself up on the equalizer, that I can do push-ups, getting under 200 pounds again, trying on clothes in my closet and zipping up a Size 10. When you are doing an exercise at boot camp and you suddenly realize you have advanced; planks off your knees, heavier med balls….

Q: How has the Get You In Shape Program impacted other areas of your life?
I am happier! I sleep better! I am able to find the things that have propelled me in my health journey to other aspects of my life…attaining goals, not fearing the next step, going where I haven’t gone before.

Q: What are the results that you have achieved from the Get You In Shape program and how has Get You In Shape played a role in your results?
This year I have lost 35 pounds. I am 10 pounds heavier than my lowest weight and yet I am in the clothes I wore at that lower weight. This has shown me that it isn’t about a number on a scale but an overall healthy body.

I am calmer…my workouts set the tone of my day. If I miss for any reason I am off kilter the rest of the day.

I notice the “little things” like getting the groceries out of the back of the car and how much easier they are to lift.

Q: What other benefits or changes have you seen since joining Get You In Shape?
A year ago if you told me I would be working out 5-6 days a week, at 5:30am, outside in the dark and heat and cold I would have said you were nuts.

The obvious benefits are weight loss, greater strength, and endurance.

The less obvious and most important benefits are how I am happier and more positive each day. How I crave the work out…It comes first. How I have met friends and supporters that I never would have met. How I can see the possibilities rather than the limitations.

I moved to Coppell in 2009….it took me until 2015 to find Get You In Shape. The Universe shows you what you need to see when you are ready to see it.


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