Christmas Week Workout Plan to Stay Accountability and Fit

Christmas Week Workout Plan


Dec 18

​Merry Christmas

​I wanted to put together some quick workouts so that YOU can stay in your routine during the Christmas week. 

MONDAY's Workout

10 Minute Workout With Bands
Perform 10 exercises in 10 minutes. You can also to two or three rounds based on your fitness level or time you have.
Each exercise can be 50 sec on/10 sec off, 45/15, 40/20 or 30/30

#1 Front Squat (legs and core)
#2 Pushups ( chest, core and tricpes)
#3 Bent over Rows (back)
#4 Scissor Kicks (abs)
#5 Shoulder Press (shoulders)
#6 Close Grip Pushups (triceps)
#7 Squat Pulses w/Jump (2 squats then jump on 3rd)
#8 Slow Mountain Climbers (Core stability)
#9 Over head squat w/band

Perform 3 rounds of 5 exercises in 15 minutes. You can also do two or three rounds based on your fitness level or time you have.
Each exercise can be 50 sec on/10 sec off or  45/15

#1 Side Steps with Red Bands
#2 Deadlifts with red bands
#3 Pillar Bridges, Right Side Pillar Bridges, Left Side Pillar Bridges
#4 Glute Bridges
#5 Bicycles

Wednesday's Workout
12 Days Of CHRISTMAS For Time - 
Start on Day one 
1 rep of Star jumps
2 Pushups, 1 Start Jump
3, Sumpermans, 2 Pushups, 1 Star Jump

4 get it right ?
1st Day  1 Star Jump Jumping
2nd Day  2 Push Ups Pushing
3rd Day   3 Supermans Holding (hold for 5 seconds)
4th Day   4 Four Point Squats Squating
5th Day   5 Thrusters Thrusting
6th Day   6 Slow Roll Sit Ups Sitting Up
7th Day    7 Skull Crushers in Glute Bridge Crushing
8th Day  8 Jumping Jacks Jumping
9th Day  9 Chest Presses in Glute Bridge Pressing
10th Day    10 Alternating  Back Lunges (one and…) Lunging
11th Day    11 Mountain Climbers (one and…) Climbing
12th Day    12 Burpees Burping

Thursday Workout 

#1 – RT Static Lunge w/band ROW
#2 – Planks or Pushups 4-2-1
#3 – On side kneeling Opposites
#4 – Bicycle
#5 – LT Static Lunge w/band ROW
#6 – Planks or Pushups 4-2-1
#7 – Other Side kneeling Opposites
#8 – Running man Sit Ups
#9 – Squat Jump (hold 5 sec-at bottom)
#10 – Groiners or Spiderman Hops (two or one leg each)
#11 – Cardio Set
#12 – Jog/ Football Drill

16 Minute Workout With Resistance Bands
16 Exercises. Each exercise is 45 seconds with 15 sec transition (rest).

16 Minutes
45 seconds on 15 sec transition
1) Right Leg Backward Lunge
2) Pillar Bridge (on elbews)
3) Deadlift w/ resistance band
4) Plank or pushups (on hands)
5) Right Leg on ground left leg extensions
6) Mountain Climbers w/ band
7) Right Leg Lateral Lunge
8) Shoulder touches in Plank position
9) Left Leg Backward Lunge
10) Bent Over Rows
11) Deadlift w/ resistance band
12) Right Arm Row sitting down w/ band
13) Left Leg on ground Right leg extensions
14) Left Arm Row sitting down w/ band
15) Leg Leg Lateral Lunge
16) Resistance Band pull aparts

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