Checking In For Charity -

Checking In For Charity

You CHECK IN ... We Give Back

We are excited to announce something that will help Get You In Shape live out our fourth core value every day. Our 4th Core Value is use our God-given gifts to help give back.

We love having different charity events throughout the year to help bring our community together. For us, it's about doing something to get fit, have some fun and to make a difference in a local charity. We will still continue to do that but will begin implementing a few other ways to help GIVE MORE and "checking in for charity" is one of those ways.

Checking in for charity is just a simple way we can all come together to help make a difference. Since most of us use Facebook, this is something you can do to help us GIVE BACK each and every month.  For every check-in you make we will be giving back each and every month to a charity.  We will be choosing a few charities throughout the year. We will keep track of how many times you check-in and how much you are able to help us GIVE BACK throughout the year just through checking-in.

We will start with helping Taylor's Gift Foundation,  a personal story that has had an affect on Cynthia and I (I'm sure a number of our clients have also been affected).

My wife, Cynthia, was a teacher at Coppell Middle School East and during 2010,  Taylor Storch, who was a student at East, passed away while skiing on vacation with her family. It was a tragic event but the Storch's decided to donate Taylor's organs.  Although their grief is immeasurable, the Storch family has been transformed by the hope and happiness that have been restored to other families whose loved ones have been saved by Taylor’s organs.

The Storch family is a part of the church Cynthia and I go to as well as living right here in Coppell. Cynthia and I have been inspired by their story and are happy to be able to help Taylor's Gift Foundation. You can read more about the incredible story and the charity at

Every time you check-in on Facebook when you come to workout with us, we donate to Taylor’s Gift Foundation to help Regift Life, Renew Health and Restore Families. Just take 30 - 60 seconds to check-in and we’ll do the rest.

Taylor's Gift Foundation is a Coppell based, nationally recognized foundation dedicated to increasing organ donation to Regift Life, Renew Health and Restore Families. Together we can do so much good because consistent small donations add up to support the effort to increase official organ donor registries and provide financial assistance to individuals and families touched by organ donation and more.

How to Check In

You check-in, we donate. Together we do good! It’s that easy, just follow these steps…

  • When You get to the session or before leaving, open the Facebook app on your phone.
  • Tap on "What's on your mind?"
  • Click the 'Check In' Tab,
  • Click 'Turn on Location' and find "Get You In Shape"
  • Click 'Public' so we can see your check-in
  • Click 'Post'
  • It's optional but you can comment "Checking In For Charity" or "Checking in for Charity at Coppell's best group training program 🙂 (you can also include a selfie!) Commenting is optional though as we will donate just by checking in. 

*Making your check-in public at Get You In Shape is necessary so we can track total check-ins and make the appropriate donations. ​We will count all our Facebook check-ins each day, add them to our monthly tally, and make a donation to Taylor’s Gift Foundation at the end of the month. We’ll update you every month on our charitable fundraising progress.

Will you commit to checking in on Facebook before or after each of your workouts? I hope so... because together we can really do a lot of good.

Facebook Check-In for Charity FAQ

Q: How much do you donate to when I check-in?

A: It’s a small amount, but it adds up quickly. We have 150+ clients who workout regularly. If all of you check-in for every workout we can help give back to a local charity.

Q: Can you tell me more about the Charity you’ve partnered with?

A: Yes! Taylor’s Gift Foundation was founded in 2010 with a mission to Regift Life, Renew Health and Restore Families. Increasing official order donor registries is just the beginning of our purpose. Current areas of focus include:

  •  providing Legacy Gifts to financially assist those touched by organ donation
  • changing the conversation of organ donation can be a positive one about life and encouraging an "Outlive Yourself" spirit.
  • awarding Taylor's Gift scholarships to graduating seniors who demonstrate an above and beyond "Outlive Yourself" spirit.
  • sponsoring lodging for pre-transplant and post-tranplant patients and their families at Nora's Home.

The Taylor’s Gift team hosts events, delivers speaking engagements and encourages grassroots fundraisers to further our mission, educating audiences about organ donation and the gift each of us has within.
Outlive Yourself!

Q: How do you keep me informed about donations?

A: Here’s how we track, donate and report… each day we will capture who has checked in and keep a running total. At the end of each month we will calculate the dollar amount each client has raised and will send an email out showing the totals.

Q: Why are you doing this?

A: Get You In Shape's 4th Core Value is to use our God-given gifts to give back. This is just an easy way for our clients to come together and do something to help give back. For Get You In Shape, we want to help other like-minded folks that are just like our clients. This will hopefully be one way we can help attract more like-minded individuals to be a part of our Get You In Shape family.

Q: What should you post when you post?

A: Most people just post "Checking In For Charity" so their friends know they are not just bragging because they worked out at GYIS 🙂
You can copy and save the picture below in your phone which explains the Checking In For Charity as well. In the end, you don't have to post anything except follow the basic instructions so that we can track and GIVE for each check in.