California Trip -

California Trip


Aug 16

Summers are normally the time to take vacations. Just like many of you have been able to get away this summer, all the Get You In Shape trainers have been able to to take some time off and get away (Kristi not yet, but will be at the end of this month).  Cynthia and I were able to do that this past week. We are back now and I thought I would share a few pictures of our trip, what we did, and how it may be a great tip or motivation to you. I encourage you to read the information below before skipping to the pictures. This blog is for YOU and hopefully will motivate you and give you some good insight.

You may or may not know, but Get You In Shape has invested in a fitness consulting company to help with our business. At one point early on, as I started Get You In Shape, I knew I needed help (with the business side) as we continued to help more and more people through our programs. I knew I had been given gifts to help folks with training, fitness and achieving their results but knew I needed help when it came to how to actually run a business. The company I found only helps fitness companies. They educate you on all aspects of running a business. They provide coaching, accountability and support that we need to be the best fitness business. There are many great business coaching companies out there but I really liked this one because they only worked with fitness companies. Knowing that they were helping hundreds of other fitness companies with all aspects of their business and had a proven track record solidified to me that it was a the company we wanted.  I learned early on, that in order the be the best you have to learn, get coaching from top professionals and have accountability. For Get You In Shape, this company has been a huge blessing, enabling us to improve in all areas of our business and provide better services for our clients.

Many of you heard us talk about why most people join Get You In Shape at the New Member Orientation. Why do most people come to Get You In Shape? People are looking at our program for a number of reasons, but most are looking to lose weight, to feel better (and to feel better about themselves), to look better, to get ready for a big event coming up, and for health problems (their doctor said they need to). For most, if not all our clients, they have tried on their own to get results and many have tried other methods first. Most have failed repeatedly; which is why they come looking to our program.

We always say that most issues are part of bigger problems. One is not having the knowledge of how to put a complete program together. Two is not having a workable plan of action that integrates all the components required for success. Three is not having the support system in place required to make the lifestyle changes necessary to not only achieve your goals, but also maintain them for life. In saying all this, we have built our program around these three things so that we can help each client achieve their goals.

For Get You In Shape and our business, we were in the same boat. Which just means that I needed the same three things when the business started growing so fast. I knew that I needed to have every area of the business running smoothly (complete program). I knew I needed a plan of action and I knew I needed a support system. All this was why we made the decision to learn from from professionals that had a proven track record of helping other fitness businesses.
Like I mentioned, making a choice a few years ago has been proven to be one of the best choices I have made. Get You In Shape has continued to grow and help more and more people each and every year. Just like reaching your fitness goals, you always have to constantly work to improve and reach for new goals.

Could we have been successful without hiring a business coach and getting the coaching, support, and accountability? I would have to answer yes to that question but I know it would have taken me a lot longer and the results probably would not be as good as they have been. I am not sure if we would have been able to touch so many lives so positively without them.

The whole point of this story is that it comes back to YOU. I hope that you understand why I wrote the above paragraphs. I  needed professional help and accountability from a proven company to help me achieve the results I was looking for. Not to say that I could not have done it on my own but I know how hard it would have been on my own. I did not want to wait 1, 3 or 5 years to be in the position I wanted to be. The investment has far outweighed the return. Not only have we reached and exceeded many of our goals; It has been a much easier process because I had the help, support and accountability to guide me. I hope that is the case for you when it comes to the goals you have for your health and fitness. The investment you make in our program is nothing in comparison to the benefits you are getting and have received. It really comes down to what you want and how fast you want to achieve it. Trusting in a proven company to be the professional help you need to coach you, to give you the tools, to be a support system and to give you the accountability you need should be a no-brainer. If it’s not Get You In Shape, it should be some company.

In being a part of this company, we have also been able to meet like minded fitness business owners that are also the best of the best. We get to pick each others brains, hear what is working (and not working), and help each other out.  This is much like the Get You in Shape community where everyone comes together to help everyone. In planning out a trip for vacation, we planned a trip where we could meet and brainstorm with a few of the best in the fitness business. It did help that the trip was to California, which is a place Cynthia and I had wanted to go to for a few years now. So we were able to spend two days hanging out and connecting with two awesome fitness business owners. It was a great time to be with like-minded people. Not only to talk about business and to find areas that we can improve on, but to really hang out and have a great time with great people!

I will give you a quick background of the two fitness business owners we were able to hang out with:
Audra Baker from Bay Area. Audra is actually Ferol Chandler’s (long time 5:30am client) daughter and she is now a great friend of ours. Audra has been to visit her mom a number of times and has taken advantage of our boot camps while here. She runs a huge boot camp business in the Bay Area and has 5 locations.

Paul Fetters from Huntington Beach. Paul has been a personal trainer since 1980! He was one of the first trainers to work in the famous Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach. He now has two personal training studios and a boot camp business in Huntington Beach.

Here is the timeline of our week and pictures. By the way, Elliott was at our home while my mom and cousin kept him 🙂

Wednesday August 8th – Arrive at LAX

First Blessing – Upgrade on our rental car
Hollywood Blvd

We started up the Pacific Coast Highway on Wednesday and stopped half way in San Luis Obispo. Our beautiful Inn where we stayed.
Thursday – August 9th
Got to go to mass in the morning before heading up the PCH to the Bay Area.
Carmel by the Sea

Thursday we met up with Audra and got to be at one of her boot camps.
Audra and Cynthia

Downtown Los Gatos, CA

Friday August 10th – Started with a Boot Camp workout at Audrea’s boot camp.
San Fransisco Day

Saturday, August 11th Napa Valley Day
Sunday  August 12th – We took this day to drive back down to the LA area. We stayed in Bakersfield and went to see the Bourne Legacy which;, I think is the 2nd movie we have  seen in the last 12 months.

Monday – August 13th. We to Agoura Hills to visit a friend of mine from high school. It was only 15 minutes from the beach. We went to a place called Paradise Cove.
Tuesday August 14th Huntington Beach

Trip to visit Paul Fetters and his wife Carolyn.
And Huntington Beach

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