Boot Camp Success Story of the Week - Coppell Fitness Boot Camp -

Boot Camp Success Story of the Week – Coppell Fitness Boot Camp


Mar 28

Coppell Boot Camp Success Story

Hi I am Carla, I am a bartender and live in Las Colinas and this is my first month of boot camp. Before Get You In Shape Boot Camp I was not going to the gym too much. I was recovering from a leg injury. So I was doing a little bit here and there but not as much as a should have been doing. I joined the boot camp because I had some extra weight and a lot of muscle atrophy. I did not walk for almost a year so I needed to get my body back the way it used to be. This program is different from other fitness programs I have tried just because the people and the atmosphere is very inviting. It is very encouraging. All the personal trainers and instructors help correct you so that you are doing the exercises the right way and so that you are not injuring yourself. They have been very helpful and they know what they are doing. The benefits I have experienced from the Coppellboot camp is my leg that was injured so I had a lot of  muscle atrophy, has actually grown and inch where I needed muscle, so that is great. My energy levels have improved and I actually like getting up in the morning and coming to class. It gives me something to look forward to. To someone who might be considering joining, I would say just come one time. You get a Free Boot Camp Session to try it out before joining.  You will love it and love the way you feel afterwords, The first step is to get your butt out here.