Boot Camp Information and Tips of the week -

Boot Camp Information and Tips of the week


May 17

Boot Camp Informaiton and Tips of the week

1. Tank Tops. Hot Pink, Tahiti Blue, and Heather Grey Click Here for colors We will be ordering them on Friday. Either email me the size (s) and Color (s) you want or comment on the blog above.
2. This weeks off-day cardio. Click Here for the suggested off-day cardio for this week.
3. This Weeks Tip of the week – Julie gives you simple tips to add more fruits and vegetables into your diet.
Click Here for the Tip of the week.
4. This week – We have 3 workouts during the week and a Saturday workout. 8am at our Camden Location and 7am or 8am at our Coppell Location.  If you can not be there, we suggest you to legs, core, cardio on your fitness DVD or legs and cardio on your own.
5. 2 more weeks –I hope you guys liked your measurements and results on Friday. If not, we are here to help you these last 2 weeks maximize your results. Let us know how we can to that.
6. May 22nd Appreciation Party – We are having an appreciation party at our house this Saturday, May 22nd, at our house in Coppell. We sent you an Evite, but if you have not reveived one and would like to come, please let us know so we can get you the information. It will be a come and go party but we will have some prizes to give out and make it a fun party.