Boot Camp Exercises - ABC's of being a Boot Camper -

Boot Camp Exercises – ABC’s of being a Boot Camper


Aug 02

Boot Camp Exercises – ABC’s of being a Boot Camper

ABC’s of being a Boot Camper

Complete 10/15/20 of each exercise. If you are doing this with a partner you will complete your repetitions while the other person rests. When you are done with that exercise, they go while you rest.

Air squats                    Burpees                           Crossovers                           Dead Lifts

Easy jog                        Fast Bicycles                  Golf swings                           Heel Taps

123 Inside knee            J Jacks                           Kick planks                          Log jumps

Mtn Climbers                KNee pulls                    O-verhead squats                Push ups

obliQue Reaches            Rev crunch                  Star jumps                          Thrusters

Upper cuts                      V-sits                         Walking lunges                    Xtensions- Leg

Yoga Press                                   Now catch some ZZZZZ’s

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