Boot Camp Coppell - GYIS information and tip for Aug wk 4 -

Boot Camp Coppell – GYIS information and tip for Aug wk 4


Aug 19

Trainer Tip of the weekHere is the Tip – Save money and save calories with this tip of the week.

Cardio Club FallClick here for info. Here is the form that you can fill out and bring.
Barrett C.
Hal A.
Erin. P.
Karen M.
Meredith A. (switching w/6:30am)
Mark J. (switching w/6:30am)
Bill B.
Mary B.
Christy L.

Jamie L.
Billie B.
Tammi S.
Carmen V.
Michelle V.
Kathleen P.
Jennifer F.
Karen C.
Cinda Knight

Client and Rookie of the Month – Make sure to get check their stories out here and get motivated by hearing them.

Workouts This week – M-W-F with us – Click Here for the off-day workouts
Saturday @7am is our monthly community 5k. Everyone is invited to come out.

September Calendar – Click Here – Remember evening times switch back to the school year times (5pm & 6:15pm)

Upcoming Dates
August 23rd – Measurements/Weight/Journal day
August 24th – Monthly 5k 7am
August 24th – Advocare Training at our house from 10am-12pm – Click here for info
August 26th – Start of September Session _ Next Monthly GYIS Fitness Test
August 27th – Nutrition 101 @ the Linder’s from 7:30pm-8:30pm RSVP if you plan on coming.
August 30th – Kristi’s(“Sparky”) Last Stand Day. A fun goodbye for her as she will be moving to Boulder, Co.
September 8th – GYIS Sprint Tri and Client Party that afternoon/evening (everyone will be invited to come)

IF you focus on the results, you will never see change
If you focus on Change, you will always see RESULTS!

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