Boot Camp Coppell - December Week #3 Information -

Boot Camp Coppell – December Week #3 Information


Dec 12

Get You In Shape  – Motivation of the Week, Cardio and more..

No, this is not the last week of boot camp but it is the last week to turn in 2 important things. Cynthia and I had a weekend of planning for 2011. Have you started planning and laying out your vision for 2011. We are focused on reaching our goals and we now have most of our 2011 goals on paper. Starting in January, Get You In Shape will be doing something every month to help you reach both short and long term goals. So get ready!

1. Client of the Year – This Wednesday is the last day! We will be at Boot Camp tonight for anyone who has not yet to get a video clip in and still wants to. Remember, you deserve to at least put your name in the mix. Who, know you just may win?   Click Here for more information about the prizes and how to enter. We have given you plenty of time to get it done. Deadline is 7pm on Wednesday! We will narrow it down to the top 5 or 6 have you guys be a part of WHO wins. More to come later this week.

2. Last week to turn in your Commitment form – 2011 Is sure to be a great year for Get You In Shape. We have close to 90 people that are committed starting January. About 50 of those 90 filled out a new commitment form starting January first. We still want those of you that want the “old rates” to secure those rates. It will end this Friday, though. Click Here if you still want to get in with the old rates for up to 12 months.

3. Monday Motivation – We are going to start sending a motivating Video every Monday and call is Motivation Monday. Click Here for this week’s video.

3. This week We go M-W-F and Saturday this week. Wear your GYIS Gear on Saturday.
Monday –
Tennis Balls?????
Tuesday Off-Day Cardio – 1 minute slow 1 minutes fast perform for 30 to 45 minutes.
Wednesday – Buddy System
Thursday –   1 minute work, 1 min. rest
5 exercises. –
1. Jump Rope (or just jump in place)2. Fast Jump Squat (not full squats) 3. Jumping Jacks 4. Touch the Sky 5. Base Side to Side (not in full squat). Perform in circuit format and complete 3-5 circuits or 30-50 minutes.

Let us know how we can help you! Give us a call or email us.

Remember – If you focus on results, you will never see change.
If you focus on CHANGE, you will ALWAYS see RESULTS.

Brad Linder
The Get You In Shape Team
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